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Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2010
Jun 26, 2009
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abaddon was last seen:
Jun 26, 2010
    1. DJ Forte
      DJ Forte
      ok, I'm going to try and be on. Just PM whenever you want to trade. You'll have to clone the pokemon for me.
    2. Joel
      GG, and nice team from you, as well. I was a bit worried about your Raikou for a while.
    3. GREEN00
      It would only have taken one more attack. No time was saved.
    4. GREEN00
      Why flee?
    5. GREEN00
      Very well, BLs are acceptable.
    6. DJ Forte
      DJ Forte
      hey I'll try to get you your pokes soon. What were they again?
    7. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      can you rng?
    8. ezequiel6566
      hey man sorry about all the hax towards the end of the battle. gg
    9. Blaise
      GG! Great Battle!!
    10. SourMilk
      Hey, I just finished the battle and it took a little longer than expected. Maybe we can battle later sometime.
    11. Blaise
      Lol, ok, let's OU then!
    12. abaddon
      My OU team? lol Wanna try that instead?
    13. Blaise
      Sure, do you have things to substitute the ones u were using?
    14. Blaise
      Whoa! What happened? Mine was 3 bars the whole time...
    15. SourMilk
      Aight, I'll battle after. :)
    16. black_cotton
      thanks... GG for you too, sorry for bad predictions, it was my first time using that team an seems like it still need some fixes XP. Peace for you, hope we can battle another time, bye.
    17. singh
      oh ok. thanks a lot
    18. singh
      ya, if you have any good links or something, that would be great
    19. super_ace11
      Well, are you interested in doing a BP for me? I don't really have any questions, just wondering if you would like to do it...
    20. Miria
      Hiya, I'm available for a short time now. =) Going to bed soon. I don't need much more EV-training, almost got everything I want done, but there's still.. 15 to be done. ^^
    21. Miria
      Just give me a shout whenever you feel like EV-training something again. ^^
    22. Miria
      Okay. lol Sorry about the hassle. =( Thank you very much for your EV-training services, I will highly recommend you to anyone else needing an EV trainer. ^^ I've got to get off the pc now but I'll finish off the trade on the DS anyhow! Sooo.. Good night and I'll see you on there! =]
    23. Miria
      Oh dear, there IS a problem. lol I've deleted the UT one to save space, would you like me to use EV - reducing berries and have it at lvl 55? =/ Or would you prefer choosing something else?
    24. Miria
      No probs, let's trade now then before I head to bed! =P
    25. Wolfey
      of course :)
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  • Signature

    FC=1763-61198949 (trading)
    For battles: (3739-3590-0812) (Abaddon-HG)
    Standard OU, OHKO/DT/Sleep clause in effect, Only 1 focus sash.
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