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Feb 3, 2016 at 5:56 PM
Jun 12, 2009
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April 1


Notorious for committing 3 counts of grand theft auto, Male, from California

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Beautiful disasters. Jun 25, 2014

AccidentalGreed was last seen:
Feb 3, 2016 at 5:56 PM
    1. antemortem
      cute avatar
    2. gamer boy
      gamer boy
      that avy is amazing...
    3. boltsandbombers
      Valentine gave the other qc check on the scizor analysis btw :P
    4. boltsandbombers
      I'm allowed to do that, right? Just don't want to be completely out of place :P
      Referring to the update post I made in the OU c&c index.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. boltsandbombers
        Also, you should probably post Altaria in the GP queue so the gp members can see it and add to the list :P
        Feb 6, 2015
      3. AccidentalGreed
        Oh not yet, gotta deal with the longness first
        Feb 6, 2015
      4. boltsandbombers
        You think you wrote too much? Lol
        Feb 6, 2015
    5. Ununhexium
      What happened to Lucario
    6. havokchomp123
      Why did you change your sprite art picture? I loved that pic.
    7. gamer boy
      gamer boy
      that gif confuses me. how is the dust coming from a different direction XD
    8. ohgeedubs
      You have 252 EVs in SpA in your offensive dd set
    9. TheEnder
      why is your sig so incredibly beautiful n___n
    10. Merchant_Mike
      Why doesn't the strategy dex have counters and checks for pokemon? I miss the old strategy dex. It had a summary of pokemon's play style and attributes and at the end had checks and counters....
      1. AccidentalGreed
        Oct 28, 2014
    11. Jetpack
      I really enjoy your signature :)
      1. LightningLuxray

        I never realized how beautiful it was
        Nov 1, 2014
    12. james capshaw
    13. TheDopeyPoke
      Why am I locked from chat in PS? I only just joined today and it said I was locked from chat.
      1. AccidentalGreed
        Register, WIN some battles, and then you have your chatting priveledges unlocked.
        Oct 19, 2014
    14. vonMathias
      sorry to be a pain, but for some reason I cant post on any of the forums. any idea why?

      ps. I haven't seemed to have received an activation email. not in spam either?
      1. havokchomp123
        are u using internet explorer?
        Nov 1, 2014
    15. CrazyJ
      For some reason, showdown thinks my password is wrong, please help. (if you are the wrong person to ask, please tell me who i should ask).
      1. AccidentalGreed
        You could go directly on Pokemon Showdown and ask one of the moderators in the Lobby.

        Otherwise, swallow it like any other guy and just make a new alt.
        Oct 14, 2014
    16. Blompkin
      when is the next server restart
    17. Charizardinator
      Thats an awesome profile pic, Batter Up!
    18. #DefyingGravity
      is their a thread about Bisharp in OU
    19. mullethippie96
      hi how the heck do i delete my account, don't want it anymore if you could delete it for me that would really help me out my email is robotchicken96@yahoo.com
    20. plimplam
      Hi! I have problems in the fórum. I just can post comments from my pone, I can't from my Tablet. It's a Surface 2 and I've been asking in fórums but no one knows anything. Can you help me? Someone else has this problem? Thank you very much.
      1. AccidentalGreed
        Ah, I'm sorry. My superiors designed this site to work on commonly used browsers/tablets and normal computers, so I wouldn't be too sure anything would work if it weren't working on your tablet in the first place. You problem is also a relatively isolated one, so I'd find another medium to post on these forums.
        Jul 25, 2014
    21. Viscacha
      Are you able to change my birthday information on my profile?
      1. AccidentalGreed
        Unfortunately, that's out of my privileges. Contact a staff member, who has more power than a moderator. You can see the list of staff when you're in the main index of the Forums. Cheers!
        Jul 10, 2014
    22. KagamiArata
      Are you a GM of the game pokemon showdown ? if you are i would like to request that you ban this player with the name: Pokeman91, he throw very rude comments at me and i check the replays where he played other players and most if not all have rude comments. The proof is http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-137813261 pls note that the main focus is the bar on the right and pls dun laugh at my low skill =3=
    23. AccidentalGreed
      Beautiful disasters.
    24. Recreant
      Your avatar made my freaking day xD
    25. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      Thundurus-I ---> Thundurus... I fixed your analysis's title for you, if you don't mind ^.^
      1. AccidentalGreed
        lol thanks, I was gonna do it, but was doing mini-edits on the analysis att
        Jun 17, 2014
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    April 1
    Real Name:
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    My Characteristic:
    Sturdy body
    Man, do I really have to fill this in?

    Okay. My name's AccidentalGreed, but feel free to call me AG for short! I'm currently a BW/BW2 OU QC member, and have devoted much of my time writing/contributing mostly towards OU analyses. I am currently in college and have a vague idea of where I'm gonna go with my life. It's only life, right?

    Miscellaneous details include dark black hair, and particular likings towards devil surviving, some animated media, Dragon-type Pokemon, fanfiction, art, TV Tropes, and all the sweet, sassy jazz. Yes, how fantastic.
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