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Mar 27, 2015 at 3:35 AM
Jul 3, 2009
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from Suomi

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Mar 27, 2015 at 3:35 AM
    1. jumpluff
      oh, thank you!! i added you back :3
    2. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      AAAAAAAAah I already changed away from it to something else

      Maybe next time, though.
    3. Houndoomsday
      Cool thanks! :D

      That's the beauty of nomic, you can make it whatever you want!

      Also assuming I get the amount of players I want to start it off, what do I do in terms of getting approval?
    4. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      I don't think I was the one who asked that in IRC... Don't remember who asked that, though.

      As for sidequest possibility: :)
    5. VeilOfMaya
      Would you be apposed to joining my group, Free RPG?
    6. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      Hey, thought I'd give you an update on the campaign I'm working on: Part 2 of the first section of the campaign has been committed to flowchart, as has half of Part 1.
    7. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      As in, the extra 40 HP I got in the playtest? Totally worth it, especially since Transmute is one of the better schools.
    8. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      I'm fairly sure that PSW throws mathematical checks like that out the window.

      On the assumption that only Transmuters could use this spread,:
      15+1 STR / 12 DEX / 14+1+3(Physical Enhancement) CON / 13+2 INT / 10 WIS / 8 CHA

      Idea: Who cares about spells? Just polymorph into something and attack in melee. As it happens, I've sort of decided 15 INT is too weak, and am thus giving up on any plans like that. Also, you put 3 extra +1s on that first spread. And I can't make sense of it...
    9. Dragonking700
      Okay awesome, If you can't get them done in time for the tournament, that's fine, I could still use them in the future :)
    10. jumpluff
      I finished very quickly X) Mostly pointless in practical terms, but an otherwise enjoyable exercise in learning :D And I discovered Google Docs spreadsheets actually support a lot of useful functions, heh. Thanks for the numbers! n_n
    11. Dragonking700
      Irc real quick?!
    12. Yamata no Orochi
    13. Exarius
      Kiitos :)
    14. tape
      hey it's that fucking horrible fish from that mediocre (competitively speaking) game.
    15. Sæglópur
      I don't have the Jirachi yet, but I'll VM you when I do get it so we can trade. :)
    16. UncleSam
      I'm on my phone ATM...ill start the game in a few hours. I'll also explain some of my reasoning next time I see you.
    17. Gmax
      better late than never! i shoulda done it anyway lol.
    18. Alchemator
      You better talk in the postgame :P

      Also, no deadtalking, I'll have to godki-

    19. Agape
      I actually created a new Pogo account with the san suffix O_o
    20. jumpluff
      (is a pretty cool guy)
    21. jumpluff
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    "The best means to extract fun from a cooperative game are such that also add as much as possible to the others' fun."


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