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Feb 11, 2017
Jul 2, 2007
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    1. j2dahop
      Yo man, need to schedule our last RBY OU game
    2. Chill
      Anti, you fucking noob! haha you probably don't remember me but welcome back to wifi. I have a damp quagsire but it doesn't have ice punch due to the lack of tutors this gen. If you want to hold onto it until ORAS you're welcome to have it.
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      2. Anti
        wow, 5 IVs really? Too easy. Can X and Y trade with DP? Your Quaggy sounds perfect, if I can find someone with HG/SS to tutor on the move then I'll be all set.
        Aug 1, 2014
      3. Chill
        Nope. Nintendo cut wifi for DS so no more trading in gen 4. XY is gen 6 so it's too far along to trade back that far. Unfortunately, you'll have to breed it yourself if you want to use it in HGSS.
        Aug 3, 2014
      4. Anti
        Well fuck. That sucks. I guess I'll look for a HGSS save file I can load into my action replay and breed it myself?
        Aug 4, 2014
    3. dr00
      you're still alive? :0
      1. Anti
        Hi! Alive, but my hobbies have moved on :) I still remember my time here fondly!
        Aug 1, 2014
      2. dr00
        Yeah I took quite a long break and am only back now after xy. Currently studying for masters and so super extremely busy now though lol.
        Aug 2, 2014
      3. Anti
        Hah, I was only just into high school when I was active here. Uni is a thing of the past now.
        Aug 4, 2014
    4. TheMantyke
      Did you ever happen to get your old trade thread salvaged? If not, I found a bit of what you use to have on an old online archive!
    5. Fishy
      oh! did you add me? did I deny you? hopefully not?? let's chat
    6. Mekkah
      you need chaos to restore the deleted theads
    7. Fishy
    8. Fishy
      you started wearing a habit? you're a hobbit? risky hobbies, seems appropriate for you. not such a model figure now are you, ha-ha-ha.

      inception is the bee's knees, I really need my own totem.

      how are things outside the net and your other forums?
    9. Fishy
      you should stick around, and keep your shell shiny.
    10. Fishy
      anti anti up (what's) up the anti?
    11. JeffreyLebowski
      i just wanted to say that i found a link to your thread thread in one of xerxes's old videos.

      sometimes, when im bored, ill just look at the penthouse. its an inspiration, because i cant RNG.
    12. strikesocom
      I miss the good ol' pre-RNG days of trading. The days of your legendary trade thread.
    13. Fishy
      i was just wondering about you, sir. how goes it?
    14. Morm
      anti my dear how are you
    15. FMasamune
      Loved your pre-game yell before Huy played Deagle "HUY KILL DEAGLE!!!" That was amazing.
    16. Fishy
      hahaha, ooof, subsections. I joined a year later than you did, but I wish I had gotten into actually posting and browsing the forums more so around that time! I can imagine the influx of giiiiiirls being odd, it seems like it is ever growing!

      it should be fun though, seeing a community thrive and morph. as long as it steadily goes upward, with whatever bumps that do happen. i don't know why i'm sounding all philosophical and shit but now i'm going to stop!!
    17. Fishy
      haha, well, I went through the first three I had in a matter of days the first time, and when I was given more via bk, I decided to be more creative about it.

      ANYWAY, Dromiceiomimus is a dinosaur from the qwantz comics, and I was going to change my name along with someone else, who would be T-Rex, but the name T-Rex is currently taken by some random that hasn't posted since like 2009, ahah. Tragic!
    18. Fishy
      hahaha, it at least notifies you this way that the conversation is being continued!
    19. Anti
      hi fishy
    20. Fishy
      it's fishy :D
    21. Anti
      heh, it was a pretty safe assumption. I guess I'll trade if you want anything.
    22. Demoness
      I just assumed but i guess i should be smarter when i'm assuming things
    23. Anti
      call it a memento. who said I wasn't trading anyway?
    24. Demoness
      Why are you still linking to your thread when it seems you aren't trading anymore?
    25. Anti
      gg dude.
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