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Jul 6, 2016
Sep 2, 2009
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from I'm still not at the end

Its been a long and winding road Oct 21, 2013

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Jul 6, 2016
    1. JeffreyLebowski
      Its been a long and winding road
    2. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      Kinda late, but anyway
    3. Dracomaster
      Oh that's ok, I've alreadsy settled this with Ashigaru and he's already exchanged it for me.

      Thanks anyway :)
    4. Dracomaster
      In my original cmt I bolded calm as the nature I wanted for the togepi I received, is it possible for me to receive that togepi in return for the bold one I got?
    5. Dracomaster
      Ok, I will need to add your fc then, I added Ashigaru's fc
    6. Dracomaster
      Didn't I just trade with you, I just received the 3 pokemon?
    7. stephenjm
      Hey its fine, I got it cloned by someone else, so no worries :)
    8. stephenjm
      Actually, can trade right now. You'll need to use my brother's FC though, it's 3697 1640 0760
    9. stephenjm
      Thanks, I'll be able to trade once I finish up this round of the battle subway. I'll let you know when I finish the 7 (currently on 4)
    10. hamlunches
      yo, i'd very much like to do that 4 for 4 trade! thanks so much :) can trade asap
    11. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      Ah yeah I have tried on Hyper GTS, but it only works somehow on 4th Gen transferring.
      When I tried to transfer to 5th Gen, I always get error 13267 or something.
    12. San_Pellegrino
      not too much, cheering on benelux for the pokemon world cup!
    13. San_Pellegrino
      hey man! long time no see!
    14. CABBAGE
      I don't sorry :O I think we should just leave it at that :P Without my thread there is probably nothing you want so ah well :)
    15. CABBAGE
      The only dreamworld starter I have is bond's Jolly speed boost Blaziken? :)
    16. CABBAGE
      Nope sorry :O I didn't see much use with them so didn't bother getting one :/
    17. forks
      w-well, then, if you're sure...

      i'll get online right away. thanks a million, dawg
    18. forks
      a-actually, yeah, i do still want it. sorry i never got back to you on that, i don't really have an excuse
      are you sure, though? i don't mind ev training your thing, i've got so much free time these days i might as well put it to use...?
    19. Mr_br_kill
      Oh it's fine. No I don't have a thread, and don't need your Jolteon anymore, but thanks anyway.
    20. CABBAGE
      I didn't recover my thread when they deleted them all :S Was there anything you particularly wanted? I may have it :P
    21. CABBAGE
      I swear we had a pending? I think I asked a Eelektross/Tynamo and something else for somethign that you asked me for :O Can you remember? :S My thread wasn't restored and I have a sudden want for an Eelektross :P

      Edit: K just looked it up and you wanted a jolly Virizion and a timid Drought Vulpix. I'm available to trade if you still want them :P
    22. Mr_br_kill
      I posted on your thread a request for your Jolteon. I'd like a response even if it's a no please. If possible could the nickname be bolt
    23. Diabolico
      You're welcome. Thank you.
    24. Diabolico
    25. Diabolico

      Can you clone the Archeos and bring back one copy plus the original please.
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    I'm still not at the end
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