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Jul 6, 2017
Mar 12, 2010
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Marseille, France
    1. Smuckem
      I can help you with the Cosmog evolution, let me finish up this Link Battle I'm on in OR and I should be with you in five minutes.

      IGN: Smuckem
      FC: 3969-8098-4506
      Message: Eat More Cheese
      1. Ashib
        Thank you very much for wanting to help. Unfortunately my internet died right after I typed the message.

        Thanks again though, and happy new year!
        Jan 5, 2017
    2. Bryce
      lol i didn't know there are so many people from bd xD
    3. chocolate-kipp
      Happy birthday!
    4. eric the espeon
    5. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      I never said LO was better :p That was added by the person who wrote the revamp. And, as I said, if you think Expert Belt is a good option now, make your case for it being used over LO in the thread.
    6. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      Your actual suggestion was moved to this thread where Phil has commented on it (though the thread he linked to is now uploaded and closed for posting, so you should use that thread). The change to CB/LO was due to a revision here. If you think Expert Belt has enough advantages over LO to be mentioned, or included as a slash, please present them in the thread I moved your post to. The main reason I can see to use EB is the ability to bluff a choice item.

      You were not infracted for either of your posts, I deleted your second post since it was simply a request for someone to look at your first ("Can anyone answer my suggestion? :D At least tell it's bad if it is :DD") which should be avoided in future, but is not a huge problem. Thank you for your suggestion.
    7. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      I moved your post about EB Weavile to the QC documentation thread, since it seemed like a slightly too large change for small changes and competitive people should discuss it.
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    Marseille, France
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    Highly curious
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