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Jul 6, 2013
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Feb 7, 1989 (Age: 28)
    1. JebusChrist
      Hey, I finally got another Great Ball Modern shiny Vivillon hatched, let me know if you still want me to CYT for it
    2. .com
      What do you need to view in PKHeX?
    3. trikx_insane
      Didn't want to double post on your thread, but I finally bred your Sableye, it took longer than expected (especially with Gender/Ability chance n_n) Anyways, I can trade whenever, just lmk when you can as well! :]
    4. cant say
      cant say
      didn't wanna spam the ORAS thread with chit-chat..

      I say 'tournament' but pretty sure there was only like 3-4 people playing and it was impossible to spectate.. One of them was wearing a 'Delphox Cubs' t shirt which I think I saw on Nugget Bridge iirc so I assume they were sorta good..

      Where abouts was your launch 'party'?
      1. Ausgirl
        I won't give a specific location but it was in a regional area and it was the first midnight release that they'd had for a pokemon game. There were about 60 people there, most of them were high school or college kids. I could tell that a lot of them were just casual players and there was literally one guy there that openly mocked smogon. Although there were a few VGC players; though I'm not sure who I found more annoying the guy who mocked smogon or the VGC players who boasted about their original teams that they had basically got through the gts. Then they started trading the pokes that they got through the gts -which is stupid cos many legends and events on the gts are hacked. Nevertheless Im pleased that I got the game early for a change but I was also glad when I could go.
        Nov 20, 2014
      2. cant say
        cant say
        Oh wow 60 people is a lot, there was probably a similar amount at my one and I was in the middle of the suburbs. That's funny about the anti-smogon dude and the VGCers though
        Nov 20, 2014
    5. rufus drumknott
      rufus drumknott
      Do you still need a battle?
      1. Ausgirl
        Oh sorry I missed your post, I don't check here very often. I ended up battling a passerby after like an hour of canceled battles. Thanks anyway.
        Nov 4, 2014
      2. rufus drumknott
        rufus drumknott
        If you don't mind doing a GTS trade, I can give you a Shiny Stone for free. Put up some random Poke asking for a level 1-10 female Smeargle and I'll send the stone attached to it.
        Nov 9, 2014
    6. Gabe
      Still need help?
      1. Ausgirl
        No, thanks anyway.
        Aug 29, 2014
    7. Arhan
      Hey,are you available for gen 4 rngs?Also,you can ask lady Valkyrie fir the egg check
    8. TreebeardtheTrevenant
      Hello. I was wondering if we could exchange friend codes. Mine is 1848-2999-5088. I cannot get on today but If you could add me I will get on as soon as possible
    9. Sidfrid
      Hi, looks like you have a Steel type Friend Safari can you please add me? my FC is 3711-8976-1139
    10. Menezjul
      I have a shiny chespin if your interested?
    11. Reymedy
    12. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    13. ryan
      hey, I'm your tutor for XY OU in battling 101. PM me sometime and let me know what times you're usually online, and we can schedule our first meetup. :)
    14. queno138
      Hey I've added you, please add me back,
      Mikhail FC: 0430-9646-9440
      Thanks! :D
    15. Kuririnzrp
      added ur fc forfriend safari. Plz add me. Thanks. 1805-3387-9007
    16. Albus
      Hi there, are you gonna be available to trade tomorrow?
    17. boog215
      added your fc for safari, pls add mine 2964-8858-8160 thank you
    18. Shwheelz
      I got your Skrelp. Let me know when you're free to trade =)
    19. Eyedol
      Sure, I'll give you Manaphy for Tornadus. Let me know when you'll be available and I'll do my best to accommodate you. ^_^
    20. christos21
      Hi,I don't know if you still remember it but we have a pending trade due to my lack of free time.You wanted an eevee from my thread for your porygon.Would it be possible to have the trade finished by Monday ?
    21. BourbonWhiskey
      Hello! Is your Shiny Vulpix still available for trade?
    22. Sidfrid
      Hi, hope you remember me.
      In case you don't i'm the one with the good IV's XD Lugia that wanted to trade it for the shiny giratina event.
      post a message in my profile when you have it ready.
    23. Stellar
    24. Albus
      I can trade from now on until 5:00 PM, GMT -5 Ausgirl.

      EDIT: I think i'll be able to trade on 11:00 PM GMT -5.
    25. Albus
      I will be able to trade tomorrow.
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    Feb 7, 1989 (Age: 28)
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