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Aug 11, 2010
Jun 21, 2010
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BarrydaChoppah was last seen:
Aug 11, 2010
    1. BloodRose
      lol, dmg calculations i see...why didnt you go for t-bolt again with your magnezone? It was speed tie, if you go 2nd you lose, if you go first you win. If you went for T-bolt you would have won as opposed to draw/loss(in the case that whoever loses all hp first loses). I thought for sure another t-bolt was on its way...
    2. BloodRose
      you took a long time to make a lot of moves, so i thought there was something wrong with your net
    3. BloodRose
      is your net alright mate? o-o
    4. mrmo1115
      ou battle? vm me .
    5. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      GG, I guess I have gliscor issues with my team if Kingdra goes down . . .
    6. Lester
      Good game dude,sorry for the Hax.
    7. dfe
      im going.
    8. Chou Toshio
    9. Ericcc
      Oh, yea, lol,
      Too bad
    10. Ericcc
      I know, your stupid human body...

      But it was kind of nice how it came up to you, as it wanted to reunite. It's sort of poetic, really :'-(
    11. KarateF22
      back at ya, and don't worry about it.... I threw ya lots of curveballs with the unorthodox sets... Especially my mixxed scarftar... Which isn't even an offiial set. Your umbreon was trying to do too much at the same time.... Also, you should put the move wish in it's moveset, so you can heal your team. Try a moveset of payback/wish/protect/toxic
    12. Ericcc
      Hey man, nice name.
      FMA is amazing :-D
    13. Lemonhead
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    Hello my children :naughty:

    Jirachi and Celebi are ugly nuisances... If you are using one against me I will put your sexual orientation into question.

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