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Mar 17, 2014
Jan 15, 2010
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Mar 17, 2014
    1. ooh_shiny
      It doesn't matter to me right now
    2. ooh_shiny
      Switch to Sceptile. I assumed your pikachu was a special attacker and was either going to t-bolt or sub up.
    3. ooh_shiny
      That crit helped you considerably. I still had Sceptile to use against pikacha, I dont like pika, it's like nu's deoxys, frail as crud
    4. ooh_shiny
      We got a dc. Oh well, the match was kind of haxy
    5. Mr.Improv
      sorry can we still go?
    6. Renosaur
      Wow, I didn't expect you to flee? GG otherwiseee
    7. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      I am there now, I used your hg fc, Are you using platinum?
    8. KarateF22
      I wish I had chosen my other team for that match... Stall is only good against predictable setups and a more balanced team wouldn't have been roflstomped.
    9. takeru1
      Yeah, I'm trying to branch out a little. I basically just use the same six every time.
    10. takeru1
      Nah, but I've been working toward a mixed tier team, 2OU/2UU/2NU.
    11. takeru1
      I got blue screen and a reset, no recorded win. Ah well.
    12. takeru1
      Why d/c at the end? Good game otherwise.
    13. supermarth64
      Actually it's HP Fire, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, and Shadow Sneak. I used Shadow Sneak vs your Lugia when it lived with that sliver of health.

      But yea, tbh, there's not much time in the metagame for you to use a Resttalking CMer unless the Pokemon's Kyogre or something. Just use the mixed attacker, it's a lot more effective (as you can see from our battle).
    14. supermarth64
      Fuck ahahah I zoned out and pushed Run instead of Attack. GG anyway, I recommend you update your Tina-O.
    15. masterdoughboy
      alright, ill post in the same thread once i've tried that
    16. masterdoughboy
      Still got the error :(. Have you ever encountered this error? I've turned off all firewalls and changed wifi channel to 1.
    17. BarrydaChoppah
      Yeah, I was gonna retire that Umbreon, cause I didn't know a good way to get wish on Smeargle at the time, but now I know and I can get a Wish Eevee.
      I'm kind of torn on the proper EV spread to use on the new Umberon because I ran a 252HP 152Def and 100 Sp. Def. on the Umbreon you battled and you can see how it turned out :/
    18. BarrydaChoppah
      Good game, haha I got beat so bad
    19. zRequiem
      oh sorry i didn't read your personal rules so ill be playign skittio.

      Ironic :)
    20. strawhat
      GG, don't dc ok.
    21. Congratulations
    22. AngusTam
      I guess I wasn't paying attention to the damage because I never saw a hit that hit more than 1/4 of your health. My bad I guess
    23. AngusTam
      "Ya but the first hit wasn't roost and it still did only about a quarter damage..."
      I wrote that on mine sorry. ^ That's the reason, unless i'm mistaken about something, those hits should've done more than half damage.
    24. AngusTam
      Since i'm getting no reply, fine.
    25. AngusTam
      I ran this through a damage calculator. With my swampert with 269 sp.atk, it would at least do 224 damage to your dragonite IF it has MAX sp.def. So nonetheless, it should do more than the mere 100 damage I'm currently doing.
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