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Base Speed
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Feb 11, 2017
Sep 16, 2012
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Base Speed

What a load of BS!, Male

Base Speed was last seen:
Feb 11, 2017
    1. GiantWhirlpool
      heya, im your opponent for the Cap20 playtest tour...thing, i cant battle today because my internet is being stupid, and tomorrow i have a flight first thing in the morning, so either tomorrow night, or we can make better arrangements later as i will be on vacation to find a time when we'll both be available.
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      2. Base Speed
        Base Speed
        Sure! Have a particular time in mind? Be sure to let me know what timezone you're talking about as well
        Jul 6, 2015
      3. GiantWhirlpool
        Well, right now im in MST i believe, all i know is its 3 hours behind EST, but its about noon and i can try and do it today but i might be a bit busy
        Jul 7, 2015
      4. Base Speed
        Base Speed
        Gotcha. I'm British so it's the evening for me now and I'm done with stuff for the day. So I'll keep my eye on Showdown! and we'll get battling if I see you. That said at some point I will want to go to bed, so try not to keep me waiting too long
        Jul 7, 2015
    2. Ununhexium
      1. Snobalt
        He's #8 on the Naviathan Playtest ladder, so he's not dead yet
        Jun 21, 2015
    3. Qualna
      Pure BS.
    4. cbt
    5. DetroitLolcat
      Congratulations on Community Contributor!
    6. JamesSonofBaboonzo
      Congrats on winning the concept poll!
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