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Feb 1, 2011
Mar 3, 2009
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bigfoots was last seen:
Feb 1, 2011
    1. ck49
      Yeah, I understand that but tbh I didn't expect whoever got subbed in this late to finish their match. Its really to late for anyone to get subbed in now and win so I guess your opponent gets the win. Thanks for telling me.
    2. ck49
      you just got subbed into the doubles tournament. You are facing IPL. Good luck. The deadline is coming up soon so I suggest you hurry up.
    3. Rediamond
      NailsOU told me I could take the round. He said so in a vm, so the confirmation is on my profile.
    4. gene
      i'm getting on cap right now as g80
    5. gene
      i'm getting on cap right now if you're still available.
    6. Solstice
      An hour from now would work for me, so 7:45 for me, Im not sure what time zone you're in.
    7. Solstice
      So we're paired now for the Nonagon tournament, I've gotten my teams ready so hopefully we can work out a time.
    8. zarator
      Good. Meet me on the CAP server
    9. zarator
      Sure. Let me know when you are ready
    10. zarator
      Hi, we got paired for the FUK DRAGON tournament. My team is ready. Wanna battle?
    11. LizardMan
      Sir, it is big feet, not big foots. =)
    12. Tangerine
      I'm agreeing with Doug here. It's pretty much the only complete argument that has been posted in the thread. Good job, and I'd like to see you post more :)
    13. DougJustDoug
      Nice post in the suspect testing thread. Very logical and well-written. Get more involved on the forums -- we need good, intelligent posters here at Smogon!
    14. Max
      I can't get on smogon's server. Can you go to create a pokemon? I'll be on as "Macks"
    15. Max
      would you like to do our metronome battle now?
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