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Feb 9, 2016 at 8:47 AM
Jun 26, 2007
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Houston, TX


Knows the great enthusiasms, from Houston, TX

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CAP Leader
DougJustDoug was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Feb 9, 2016 at 8:47 AM
    1. Damzy
      Hey Doug, I seen one of your pictures you made and would love to use it for my youtube channel image, and don't want to use it without permission. What do you say? :)
      1. DougJustDoug
        Don't claim credit for the art yourself, don't attempt to sell or distribute the picture, and, if appropriate, give me credit for drawing it. Other than that, go ahead and use it!
        Feb 2, 2016
    2. The Dutch Plumberjack
      1. DougJustDoug
        Haha, thanks for the heads-up!
        Feb 2, 2016
    3. Felis Licht
      Felis Licht
      In the Art Submissions, you're using my older versions and not the final designs, which I fixed and finalized. Unless there's another reason why it's illegal, because I can't find anything else that breaks the rules. ^^;
      1. Snobalt
        I think it's because the smoke effects don't have discernible outlines. If that's the case, either remove the smoke or justify why it's an integral part of the design.
        Nov 17, 2015
    4. littlelucario
      Hey dude, I just looked back at the anti-hax formula thing , and I wanted to tell you good damn job with that joke.
      1. DougJustDoug
        Thanks for the compliment. That was a really fun prank, and although it was a lot of work for me and others, the payoff was worth it. That April Fools Day was literally the best day ever on Smogon, IMO. Makes me smile just thinking about it...
        Oct 12, 2015
    5. Layell
      Would me adding gen 4 CAP sprites to PS create much of a demand for those metas?

      I might just do this anyways for completions sake.
      1. DougJustDoug
        I don't know if it would create much more demand. I know HealnDeal packaged up the DP CAP sprites for PS (I am assuming you have them) so I think it would be interesting to get them on PS, if possible. If only for completeness sake, like you said.
        Oct 12, 2015
    6. Da Pizza Man
    7. Integer Mova
      Integer Mova
      I know they're only in the Concept stage of CAP 21, but I have a question:

      Whenever CAP 21's Art Submissions arrive, is it okay to design a "Mega Stone" for the CAP whose design is more than just a palette swap of the glass marbles in XY and ORAS? Just for flavor, of course. If you approve of the idea, I'll surprise you with what I've learned from Smeargle's Studio.
    8. captainfresh
      did you make a New chart for usage rate?
    9. Layell
      Hey perhaps this wasn't you but I forgot,

      did you make some DPP style backgrounds at one point? I think it was you but I can't remember for sure!
      1. DougJustDoug
        Yes, I did that for ShoddyBattle or maybe for PokeLab. I don't remember exactly. I then reused some of it for testing out CAP sprite submissions to see how they would look. But I'm not sure where those are now. I looked around a little bit on my hard drive and they are not in the usual places.
        Sep 2, 2015
      2. Layell
        Thanks I do have a good bg up right now, getting all old gen overlays on PS will be very nice to have.
        Sep 2, 2015
      3. DougJustDoug
        All I can find are the 23 base DP backgrounds (256x144 png files) that were part of ShoddyBattle in the /resources directory. I can't find the recreations that I did in Photoshop later, that were scalable and all that.
        Sep 2, 2015
    10. LizardMan
      this guy loves smogon
      1. KogaEliteFour
        This guy loves CAP and art more than Smogon, lol, this Koffing is just in his own art gallery.
        Jul 26, 2015
    11. nyttyn
      eyy doug when you get some time (preferrably soon) could you post your thoughts on mgaa cap? we really need it to be able to move on and we gotta come to a decision soon. not like 12 hours soon but as soon as you can comfortably get your thoguhts together to post thanks
    12. Birkal
      I will be around at 4pm tonight onwards if you still wanna chat!
    13. Doran Dragon
      Doran Dragon
      the saw on your shark looks added on like an afterthought. rather than having it colored light blue, you should make it dark blue like the back of the shark, doing that will make it look more organically integrated into the design. pic related just to show what i mean. took me over 9000 years in paint

    14. Integer Mova
      Integer Mova
      That short film you posted that served as the inspiration for Voodoom was very emotional.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Luigi.
        could you provide that link, im curious now :o
        Jun 21, 2015
      3. Integer Mova
        Integer Mova
        Search "Sebastian's Voodoo" on YouTube. You'll find it easily.
        Jun 21, 2015
      4. Luigi.
        Jun 22, 2015
    15. Kyuzeth
      Good evening! Since you are the CAP Leader, I'm curious about who your favorite CAPmon is and why exactly that one is your favorite.
    16. Integer Mova
      Integer Mova
      Would a colored outline be allowed in a CAP Art Submission, as long as it's dark enough compared to the colors on the inside?
    17. unfixable
      yo man, your art is really nice. n_n
    18. Pikaboy92
      I know this is random but I was wondering why can't I post in the battle request thread. I wrote on your page because your the first moderator I saw.
    19. trc
      I think most players would agree the metagame is fit to have a CAP be built in. The challenge is getting the best OU players to participate.
    20. MangleyMan
      Do you know anything about the final CAP 20 application submitions or the closing for submition?
    21. Suckingmoreducks
    22. Choice Banned
      Choice Banned
      DougJustDoug for the uber tire
    23. Heitor Araujo Leite
      Heitor Araujo Leite
      how I create a Pokemon?
    24. Mega Sponge
      Mega Sponge
      Sup Doug..... just.. Doug.
    25. semajriah
      awesome drawing work! what about the name Kronodram? for a dragon type single stage?
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