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BZW Golem
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Oct 18, 2011
Mar 14, 2011
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BZW Golem

from Poland

BZW Golem was last seen:
Oct 18, 2011
    1. Ninjawes
      Oh I forgot to mention majoras mask xD

      But ya me too xP I can't wait for Skyward sword tho!!!!!! :DDD
    2. Ninjawes
      Haha nice ;D

      IKR! xD What's your fave game? Mine is Wind waker and Four swords... The classic. On the GC xD
    3. Ninjawes
      Lol ya I remember you from there ;)
      Oh ya, Gonzos avatar is the Bomb-digidy!! And so is yours!! :D
      Zelda 4 EVER!! xD Am I right?
    4. Ninjawes
      You iz from da M4RR!|4ND?? xD
    5. Gonzo
      Też byłem z tego dumny dopóki nie musiałem się zacząć uczyć do MATURY. a teraz napiszę CZERSTWY i ten Czech będzie myślał, że napisałem świeży :D
    6. Gonzo
      Nie? czemu miałbym się dziwić? Ale leń to fakt, leniu Ty :P
    7. Gonzo
      O, Golem na Smogu, miło ^^
    8. madvorak
      I met you at the Pokémon day yesterday. I defeated you in the 3rd round, so you have to remember me :). I made an interview with you, too. I have sent you a friend request ^^.
    9. lucariojr
    10. lucariojr
      Can I just send it to you by e-mail?
    11. Darkmaster77
      sorry i was very busy and i have some tragedys in my family :/ , anyway i'm gonna be around tomorrow i still want your landorus , sorry i can't nn Jirachi cuz is from an event , lmk if u still want to make the deal , mine is GMT+4 but i'll be connected all day
    12. Darkmaster77
      hey i want this sorry for answer you too late :

      Sand Force
      -Rock Slide

      is UT right?
    13. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Unlike you internationalers, American football is the most popular sport around here. And soccer is the most dominant sport in the world, actually. Not all teams excel in every sport, though. I mean, Spain and Brazil are, in my opinion, the most dominant soccer teams in these current times.

      Well, the games you mentioned are pretty much in the 'greatest hits' level, which I can understand. I'm not into FPS as well, but I'm more into side scrolling shooters (games that are 10x harder than Galaga, for example). It's ok to be casual, but sadly you may not get anything out of it. If you take it to the extreme, you just might get something big out of it.
    14. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Yeah, I hope an opportunity awaits me. :)

      And oh wow, guess there's always differences in various countries. I mean, like for example, soccer (or football, I should say) isn't all that popular here in the United States, but is popular in international countries. It's great if you can find people who have things in common with you, just like what you said about finding people to play with at anime conventions. Everyone has their own tastes.

      Unlike most people over here that play games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, I stick to Touhou, mainly because I take on extreme gaming challenges.
    15. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Hm, I see. And yeah, I'm aware that non C-Gear is easier, and hopefully I can nail it once my quarter is over. This is a point where we may become stressful, which is completely understandable. I'm with you that we both have to worry abour our grades. I just hate the fact that I won't be able to attend VGC in San Jose...gonna be busy all next week...*sigh
    16. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Hm, before I say anything, this is 5th gen, right? I was thinking of 4th gen for some reason. If you're talking about 5th gen, sadly, I have no skill in non C-Gear RNG'ing...C-Gear, yes. :(

      *sigh...I really need to get back to it, but since there's schoolwork in the way...
    17. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      That's fine, and I believe the PID corresponds to the frames, so you'd want to focus on the frames itself, and not to forget to mention checking the "Shiny Only" box.

      As for the cloning method, um...I guess we can just call it a 'fake GTS exploit'...or something.
    18. Flame_Blader1
      Just find me on MSN I'll be online pretty much the whole day.
    19. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Pretty much, and glad to see you're capable of RNG'ing poke's, but when it comes to shinies, you need to know your SID. If you have enough poke's for trade, then it just might be time to create a new trade thread for yourself.

      As for the cloning method, this link should help you. I haven't used Python in a long time, but all I know is dragging .pkm files into the sendpkm.exe or something...can't exactly remember the steps.
    20. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Heh, I see, and thanks for your help. :) Don't worry, people won't bite - unless others get suspicious of what you're trading. I mean, I've had others who refuse to believe that I didn't ID/SID abuse this Cresselia (it's not). Even to this say, I have no skill in ID/SID abusing whatsoever, and this was just plain luck, I guess.
    21. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Alrighty cool, thanks!

      Editing giveaway post...
    22. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Oh, hey. It would be great if you can upload it to Mediafire so I can link it from the giveaway thread. As always, appreciate it.
    23. Dark Arceus
      Dark Arceus
      Ya sorry this is easier.
      If it actually works I will lol like heck.
    24. Dark Arceus
      Dark Arceus
      Depositing now.
      Its trainer name is Matthew
    25. Dark Arceus
      Dark Arceus
      We can tryy if you want to. I obviously have to do the post of something pointless with a want of Terrakion.

      VM me if this sounds good. I wont post on wifi till it is good.
      Also I will post a Deino level 1 and request Lv 40 0r above Terrakion that sound good?
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