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Dark Arceus
Last Activity:
Dec 9, 2014
Feb 26, 2011
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Dark Arceus

Male, from Michigan

Dark Arceus was last seen:
Dec 9, 2014
    1. TCZaro
      I added you on Friend Safari, could you add me back?
      Tyrogue (Unknown) , Pancham (Human + Field) and Mankey (Field)- 3540 0052 9193
    2. Galon
      same as Kitsunine, I added your FC from the google doc, here is my FC: 0275-8301-1574, would really like a Riolu safari.
    3. Kitsunine
      I friended from the Safari google doc. Mind adding back? 0361 6922 2776
    4. zdrup15
      You gotta be kidding me. I waited for almost 4 hours on PS, checking on Smogon every half an hour and you never logged in. And then you say you never saw me? Is this a joke?
    5. zdrup15
      ok I'm waiting on PS
    6. zdrup15
      I think during the weekend is fine as long as it's at decent hours. I'm GMT btw
    7. Tobes
      That should work for me.
    8. Tobes
      Hi we have to fight for the Darkrai thing. When's a good time for you?
    9. BattleStar
      Hey Dark Arceus where have you been?
    10. BattleStar
      Hey Dark Arceus! We haven't seen you in a while at TRc! Stop by and post we have a lot going on.
    11. BattleStar
      Welcome to Team Rocket Corporation, Dark Arceus!

      Awesome username btw!
    12. Biosci
      My Wifi is just that good :P
    13. Biosci
      Okay and this a Non-Redis Mon. I forgot to say that >.<

      I'm going in.
    14. Zyxion
      You're going to the atlanta regionals, right?
    15. iambaney
      Oh, wow. That makes me wonder how thorough the Nintendo checkers are. They are intentionally very secretive about what they're actually checking.

      And you're welcome. :) Good luck at the tourney!
    16. iambaney
      Yeah, cloning doesn't count as a hack. My teams have always passed hack check anyway. I think most of what their hack checker looks for is totally illegal movesets, illegal abilities, and stats that are outside the possible range.
    17. iambaney
      No worries, I'm glad to give them to you. I'll meet you on wifi in a minute or so. :)
    18. Chinchar
      Hy, just asking, did you have the starters of Pokémon Black/White for trade?
    19. The Giritina-man
    20. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      I'll head online now.
    21. BZW Golem
      BZW Golem
      Sadly, I couldn't find your deino.
      We can try me depositing and you searching.. but I see that someone else gave you a message about the poke.
    22. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Do you still need the Pokemon?
    23. BZW Golem
      BZW Golem
      Ok ^^
      If I don't find you you can try to find me.. there are not many pokes from poland in the gts ;)
      Anyway.. I'm going to search for that deino.
    24. BZW Golem
      BZW Golem
      You wanted a Terrakion from the shiny trio giveaway, right?
      As I can clone ( I use a method that sends the poke to a fake GTS and gives me back as many as I want - this: http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/) so I can give you one.
      Sadly my WiFi sometimes fails (not always, but sometimes yeah) so It may turn out that the only method to give It to you would be the GTS. Are you ok with that?
    25. Thatsjustpeachy
      usually not the case, i always get 3 bars but get some connection issues for some reason. Sorry doesn't seem like its going to work hopefully you can find another distributor :/
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    Green Mage- Surprise factor requires the surprise to be effective in order to be a valid strategy. If I planned on throwing cottonballs at your face, I wouldn't need to sneak up on you to do it; you'd just take a few cottonballs to the dome and proceed to beat me up. There would be no reason to have your guard up while i'm threatening you with cottonballs. Offensive whimsicott is that cottonball.


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    Matt Gaines
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