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Mar 18, 2013
Nov 17, 2009
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from Indianapolis, Indiana

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Mar 18, 2013
    1. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      can you RNG them?
    2. Christian
      i do not ned the hooh anymore.
    3. SS Watson
      SS Watson
      That's great and fine! Just need a Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31 one now shinyness doesn't matter, payment is 5 credits. =)
    4. Cannonfodder
      I for sure want that! I should be free to trade tonight......what are you looking for?
    5. master91
      okay thanks and yes credits will be given

      i have a flawless modest genesect now
    6. Cannonfodder
      It is battle ready and you may use it and have full reddi rights as long as I get the credit , if you decide to trade, because I did bread it myself......enjoy, thanks again
    7. master91
      great trade thanks :) ill inform you when i get genesect you have any problems with my pokemon let me now please and is hydreigon battle ready and if so you mind if i use it?
    8. Cannonfodder
    9. Cannonfodder
      Be back soon..just trades me two junk pokes for your clones..keep the hydrogeion
    10. Cannonfodder
    11. Cannonfodder
      The naive please and yes I can clone and resend back
    12. master91
      ya timid keldeo and naive or jolly meloetto which melo you want.and you can send clones back right?
    13. master91
      shiny flawless pidove with egg moves and good nature and ill let you know when you get the genesect the pidove can wait tho till are next trade can we trade soon new episode of breaking bad then true blood on soon
    14. master91
      great awesome :) when would you like to trade my fc is 2967-1563-6822 which meleotto would you like.
    15. master91
      okay the guy im inquiring about it will most likely have one of those nature,s ill let you know when i get you one by the way how is regigigas coming along.
    16. master91
      i have a trade lined up for flawless genesect what nature you looking for a possible top 5 list would be good.
    17. master91
      there is a guy at the train station that rates your pokemon i believe outstanding is 29-31 in a stat
      i have these
      naive meloetto flawless in the range 29-31 all stats

      jolly meloetto near flawless

      i will look for a genesect for you and yes clones would be great as i cannot :( going to store be back in 20mins
    18. master91
      i have 2 of each i could get a brief look at them would outstanding potential work for you
    19. Celebration
      Sry got the hitmontop today...
    20. master91
      cool not a problem what else you looking for.
    21. master91
      terrific look to hear from you. :)

      nature doesn't matter to me no nickname though please
    22. Celebration
      Adamant Hitmontop, Shiny pls and Moves: Sucker Punch and Fake out.
    23. Celebration
      Have a flawless Genesect, can you rng in gen4?
    24. master91
      great when can you trade gen 4 move tutor move,s would be a plus.
    25. master91
      im really pursuing a shiny flawless regigigas ut as ive never really seen them but basically and S/F ut pokemon with good egg moves would be great.
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