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Mar 20, 2014
Jan 26, 2010
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the cookie guild


from the cookie guild

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Mar 20, 2014
    1. Ljun
      Hi Would you mind adding my FC please ?
      My FC is 2165 - 6488 - 2401 (Mine have Rhydon, Pupitar and Nosepass)
      I kind of need Gyarados in my team right now, and... Azumarill seems popular for some reason...
      anyway my usual playtime is 9-12 am est , May I know your usual playtime please ?
      1. darkmattr
        added. I'm not usually on that early since I'm pst. usually on at 6pm pst
        Dec 31, 2013
      2. Ljun
        Thank you! xD Very much! xD
        Dec 31, 2013
    2. typon77
      Hey I was wondering if you wanted to exchange FCs for Friend Safari? I'm really interested in your Azumarill specifically. I'm Rock (Dwebble, Rhydon, Corsola) and my code is 1306-6329-0529
    3. iambaney
      Flawless, redistributable, North American, Ditto: I've got one if you still need it! What can you offer?
    4. LeBron_James
      Yeah its unfortunate that there was alot of good art this CAP but IMO yours was the best. I also thought that you had the best supporting material, I especially liked the picture of it fighting with rotom and the backstory with the unown :D You definately should make an art thread, if all your art is this great it will be amazing :)
    5. LeBron_James
      Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your CAP design and it got my vote in the poll and I also loved the story behind it :D
    6. super_dragon
      Thanks for the trade and cloning
    7. super_dragon
      I'll trade now if you want and use my Diamond FC please and please clone me back a copy of Deoxys
    8. Ran 22
      Ran 22
      I'm waiting on
    9. Ran 22
      Ran 22
      Ok, tell me what you want.
    10. FreakInside
      I really love your CAP11, but I like first black cape better, as it would use it to cover its red body to hide in the dark.
    11. Klutch
      I have a MODEST Starmie with the moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Psychic (great coverage). The EVs are 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe. I used it for Battle Tower myself and it was pretty good for something that isn't flawless (random IVs). It's IVs are: 17-18/19-20/25-26/17-18/30-31/11-12 according to an IV calculator. I can send it to you with a LO, Wise Glasses, or whatever item you want. Let me know if you're interested.
    12. Klutch
      I have Bulbasaur, but I'm looking for Torchic, and the Johtso starters. If you must know, the shiny Mismagius's IVs are: 17/31/26/31/31/31 (Hidden Power Dragon 69) and it will be NON-REDIS if I trade it to you. I hope we can make a deal for this, if not I have other ideas.
    13. Klutch
      Well, I really want hex flawless PKMN, but I doubt you're willing to trade one for just a shiny Mismagius or plain Misdreavus. How about something fully-redis as a 2nd option? If not I'll let you make an offer.
    14. Klutch
      I have a shiny Mismagius or I can breed it to give you Misdreavus. If you have something I can't get from Diamond or Platinum then, that would be fine since I have every item necessary.
    15. Krono
      Thank Rayquaza, they are his pokemon and it's his giveaway ^-^
    16. Krono
      Alrighty, I'll head online momentarily
    17. Krono
      I am indeed. If you're still around, let me know
    18. Bird
      No worries dude, it really is a great concept. Good luck in the poll!
    19. Ferrouswheel
      Unfortunately, you caught me right as I'm about to log off, let's try again later.
    20. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      ok heading on now
    21. andrea
      Haha no problem. =) I can only imagine how hard you must have worked on it and I had to say how awesome it was!
    22. Shananiganeer
      I've got 1 egg locked (shiny, nature, gender) that needs IVs, but I haven't started the other ones. Sorry I didn't get back to you last week (tbh I thought I had). I finally freed some time up in my schedule this week, so I should have them done by Thursday/Friday. As for the stuff you want from my thread, just tell me when you want to trade and I'll send you them. Almost anytime is good after Monday.
    23. Phallylapper
      Hi I hear you make awesome banners. I was wondering if you could possibly make me a couple for some credits in my shop. :)
    24. Tanaka
    25. andrea
      Ah, impressive. I'm a paint.net-er myself. I always try to find out what other people are using. Just for the heck of it =)
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