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Last Activity:
Dec 2, 2011
Jul 1, 2010
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July 20
GMT -6


from GMT -6

Klutch was last seen:
Dec 2, 2011
    1. kingm16
      Merry Christmas my Friend.
    2. kingm16
      Thanks for everything you've help me out with, but I wishes you didn't quit you know.
    3. kingm16
      Hey whats up, can you tell me about that RNG thing. I guess I need some help on it.
    4. Machete
      hey long time no see. hows ur breeding going.
    5. Bubble Head
      Bubble Head
      Hi Klutch,stop by to say i'm leaving the forum now.I'm busy with stuff like school anime sports

      Good luck and have fun on the forum.May our path cross someday ;)
    6. kingm16
      hey whats up, how is pokemon battling going for you.
    7. leeward8
      Hello there. I asked you to clone a 10th aniversary jolly flawless mew back in october 2010. I want to let you know you now have semi-redistributable right. You may add it to your trade thread if you desire. Please give me a credit if you do do so.
    8. Shedinja
      Nice avatar! Lloyd will forever be my favorite. :)
    9. kingm16
      O one more thing, how do you ev train this; 4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/
    10. Unholy Confessions
      Unholy Confessions
      So if you saw something you wanted (I can PM you a list), would you do a BP for it? Even if I wanted the BP done as an egg for me to hatch?
    11. kingm16
      thanks!! thats all most the same thing i do it.
    12. kingm16
      hey there, can you tell me how you Ev train to see if i'm doing it right for ma self.
    13. Unholy Confessions
      Unholy Confessions
      Do you take BP requests?
    14. Diabolico
      I added a luvdisc to your thread. ^^
    15. Diabolico
    16. stonehenge22
      K. I appreciate it. I might change my mind and not list it at all. Thanks again!
    17. Diabolico
      Hey Klutch, Can you add a luvdisc to my thread, please?
    18. stonehenge22
      Klutch, Sorry to bother you again. But I do have a question: I have a version of your cranidos that I obtained from Lord Scalgon, but as to my understanding, it is semi-redi for him, thus meaning I am not allowed to trade it b/c I am a third party. Is there anything I can do for you so that I can get a semi-redi status for myself and put it into my new shop for next week? I'll definitely give you credit for the poke.
    19. Bakus
      Thanks for the good luck wishes! <3
    20. Wolfey
      is there a reward for beating you in the "battle me" section of your thread?
    21. DTrain5742
      Thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully someone will help now. It's actually significantly less than 18 now, so it was probably a good idea to edit it anyways.
    22. DTrain5742
      That's Okay. I've asked a couple times in SQSR, but I guess I can ask again. Either that or I'll see if anyone else has an AR.
    23. DTrain5742
      I'll let you have a couple Pokemon if you are willing to help.
    24. DTrain5742
      Hey is there any possibility that you could IV check around 10 Pokemon for me? I lost all my notes on IVs while I was gone. I regathered some, but I can't find these ones.
    25. wowgek7
      I tried that but he got away with it because he wasnt distributing them and their ivs where not that great stil stolen is stolen it where 6 level 100 linoones for pickup abuse (we both didnt have an ar at the time) and 1 rotom to breed with I borrowed him those but he refused to give them back
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    Emporium of Aeons
    SS FC: 4813 4340 5801 (BPs/CPs)
    Platinum FC: 1721 0594 5200 (EV training & battling)
    Diamond FC: 2708 8988 6656


    July 20
    GMT -6
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    DP Friend Code:
    2708 8988 6656
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    1721 0594 5200
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    4813 4340 5801
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