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Dec 18, 2014 at 8:34 AM
Jun 26, 2008
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Mystery Zone


Male, from Mystery Zone

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Viewing thread, Dec 18, 2014 at 8:34 AM
    1. AnEntAmongMen
      well thats awkward. see ya around bud.
    2. AnEntAmongMen
      mastaofddr? are you he? dare i ask?
    3. RiOdO
      Aw, okay. I was hoping that by mere coincidence I've seen you online before, haha.
    4. RiOdO
      Did you ever use any dance game forums? Like, AIJ, DDRFreak, ZIV, etc.?
    5. RiOdO
      Well, I may not know you personally IRL, but you or I may have seen each other on other forums or sites before. I started in 2003. Do you recognize my tag?
    6. RiOdO
      DDRMaster. I may know you...
    7. lucariojr
      hey thanks for the catch but you're not supposed to post in placeholder threads :(
    8. Furai
      Those Reshiram calcs were beautiful, thanks for them!
    9. dragonboy52
      Meannie :(

      JK, I'm 14, so I have tons of free time. I also multitask quite a bit.
    10. askaninjask
      not to be confused with DVR master
    11. Lee
      Post as much as you're willing to share...if you're not willing to reveal your team yet I'm totally cool with that. Thanks for this btw.
    12. Lee
      Hi, good job on the Trick Room success! Would you be willing to share some insight in my Trick Room thread? I'm very interested in TR's potential in the 5th Gen and I suppose you're the expert now so it'd be cool if you did. :)
    13. Frost Nocturne
      Frost Nocturne
      Hey, could you possibly give some more insight into you're Trick Room Team from PO? Specifically, the movesets you used, especially on Rankurusu and Dusclops. I also experimented with TR using Porygon-2 and Rankurusu, but ended up dropping the Dusclops I had originally used. Zuruzukin seemed too weak for Trick Room, so I'm assuming it has Bulk Up? Thanks and nice work on the successful Team!
    14. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      alright thank you
    15. megamonk4
      I think Victini may actually become an Uber because of that move, XD. does it learn any boosting moves to help V-Generate? I think Tyranitar would still take huge damage from it even though it resists it and it Victini suffers an Att/SpA(forgot if V-Generate if physical or special) drop. Tyanitar is taking some damage from that move with BP 135(cut in half from original BP and STAB), with a single drop in offense skills, XD.
    16. megamonk4
      Oh okay, thanks. Nekoh said the same thing on his list as well. So perhaps it's right. I decided to just fill the list and things will get correct as the year passes by.
    17. megamonk4
      such as telekinesis. I could've sworn that it said was to do something else...
    18. megamonk4
      mostly all the effects are completed for the moves. It's just that for the rest, I don't know how accurate the translation was from when NEKOH posted them. So I left them out.
    19. megamonk4
      Oh and I apologize for any trouble I caused to you. It's just that I've been getting in an arguement in Pokemon B/W forums for no reason sometimes. I must've got frustrated over the number of times I've (felt like I've)been attacked. Another thing that makes it worse is the lack of how you can put emotions in your words to know if someone is trying to help you or not.
    20. lati0s
      yeah, gamefreak seems to think that mass should increase linearly with size but really it should be a cubic relationship
    21. macle
      how are you a ddr master
    22. MegaKick
      what a way to use your thousandth post! lol. telling somebody poisen types can't be poisened
    23. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      What would I use on Latias over Choice Scarf and Trick?
    24. IronGross
      1) If I want to run Dual Screen Deoxys-S should I use Reflect/Light Screen/SR/Shadow Ball?

      2) If I want to lead with Dual Screen Mewtwo, should I use Reflect/Light Screen/Taunt/Shadow Ball with Lum Berry?

      3) What move is more important for sweeping Mewtwo in general-Thunder or Shadow Ball?

      4) Should the WOW/StallTwo sets use an attacking move, and if so, which one?

      5) Is Agiligross effective in Ubers?
    25. Tony_M_W
      Thanks for your quick reply regarding my question DDRMaster :)
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    3DS FC: 5257 - 9998 - 2632
    Mii: Unown M
    Pokemon Y name: Benjamin

    My Trick Room team peaked at 6th out of 2668 in the Wi-Fi ladder on Pokemon Online.


    Mystery Zone
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