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Nov 1, 2014
Sep 4, 2012
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stalk someone else
I ... what!?


from stalk someone else

Dewey911p was last seen:
Nov 1, 2014
    1. evan0913
      Dude your here!!
    2. Eyedol
      Hi Dooey.
    3. aspen69
      hi can u help me to hatch an egg??
    4. monkeyman9174
      I saw your shiny value on a spreadsheet and I am in need of your hatching assistance
    5. Hozu
      This. A friend of mine suggested that I use it.
    6. Hozu
      Your friend says hello:
    7. Everstone
      Actually, I just double-checked, and were you using Stationary Pokemon as the method instead of Wild Pokemon? That's one of the things I noted, and the link you posted treats the starting frames as if you were using Stationary Pokemon as your method, and the Honey trees starting frame matches that of Sweet Scent's, so if that's the case, it's fine as it is and there's no need to edit it.
    8. Everstone
      What version of reporter are you using? I'll change it if it's a later version.
    9. Slashmolder
      RNG Reporter is accurate for all frames less than 2^64.
    10. ~Eon~
      Hey if I was wondering if you could explain how pokecheck works in a little more detail like what DNS is? Do I need any emulators? thanks for your time
    11. Eeveelover824
      thanks im gunna try the stationary pokemon now XD
    12. Eeveelover824
      thanks dewey and i got help on serebii...i hit my seed finally...i got a flawless genesect now ^_^ i triple checked everything...hp dark, outstanding poteintal, and iv checker screams out flawless...thanks a bunch...also my problem was i need to rng i castelia city...i didn't know so when i did research the seed i was still having trouble but then someone helped me and i hit the seed in castellia :)
    13. Eeveelover824
      okay thank you and the profile issue isn't that bad i jot everything down so i can plug it in again so when they make a newer one ill just download the newer one and that probably will be fixed then...i have 9.96.5 beta now...i just downloaded it so it must be the newest one so im out of luck there...i got if of the rng thread...i got to search the same seed out i got last night i got it written down everything so once i do ill make sure do it more properly...that why i getting off hits then....
    14. Eeveelover824
      it seems you love being away from the computer LOL...if i don't get the message now its fine ill be back later i have to take my boyfriend to work XD also another question the rnger for windows must be bugged like you said the profile box always deletes my perimeter search for some reason :/ everytime i close it...
    15. Eeveelover824
      oh okay i did everything but i didn't check the bw2 box so that may of thrown me off even more...also so i do have to calculate the intitial frame then?
    16. Eeveelover824
      hey dewey when you get this message hopefully soon XD anyway how much trolling does it do with the timer0 i did it like 10 times and still no hit :/ im rnging a wondercard right now...genesect...am i doing everything right?...i searched the seed then copy and pasted the seed then went to the tab that said wondercard 5th gen...after that i just generated the seed since i thought i remember that wondercards dont need to pid frame doesn't need to be calculated...then i rnged and i keep getting different results and not matching any of my results or my target which is the main thing...should i switch to my other timer0 then that is most common...when i searched the perimeter 15 times two showed up the most...im absolutely sure i did my perimeter search correctly...
    17. Eeveelover824
      thank you dewey! :)
    18. Eeveelover824
      ah got it thanks dewey that makes way more sense XD ill keep a eye which timer is the most active for my game...thanks very much for the help...ill post in the thread on serebii my new rng when i do get it ^_^ also ill message you too...sorry i just will feel so proud that i did my first rng on white 2 XD
    19. Eeveelover824
      you must be away lol XD its cool just message me back when you can...ill be going to work soon anyway...ill work on my trails more when i get back...
    20. Eeveelover824
      okay so keep a eye out the same timer hits? for example i got 10f5 and 10f7 so far...so i need to do it 8 more times to see what timer shows the most...correct?
    21. Eeveelover824
      ahhh i see got it so i ll try to contact you more here and the rng thread in serebii is so dead so i come here sometimes for help when i can't double post :) and the problem is that im having trouble getting the timer0 correctly set...every time i get a new timer the seed results don't match when i try to hit the seed...i set my primeters up twice already the normal way since the unova link is busted for windows...im getting annoyed that i can't get the timer correct...i heard that bw2 has like 20 different timers and doing my way takes alot of time...i updated my reporter too for bw2...
    22. Eeveelover824
      hey dewey your on XD so i got a question sorry to bother you XD im still having bw2 set up troubles i set my perimeters up twice already and its no go? is that normal?
    23. Eeveelover824
      dewey?? you on this site too? must friend me :p also having trouble with setting up my perimeters for bw2 it seems that its harder to set up...is this true...i can't do the unova link cuaz i heard its broken...also you never messaged me back on serebii XD LOL
    24. Agonist
      I didn't even know you had a Smogon account :c
    25. chiizu
      The 4th gen mascots use the same slot as normal pokes, but their PID is generated as if they have a forced male gender. It consumes the same number of PID frames as a gendered Pokemon even though they actually don't have a gender.

      Best to experiment first with one that you don't care so much about, I'd say.
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    stalk someone else
    I ... what!?
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