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Doctor Who?
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Apr 21, 2013
May 19, 2010
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Doctor Who?

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Apr 21, 2013
    1. Aerrow
      Alright - I'll try getting a rate in today.
    2. BKC
    3. ginganinja
      are you back now?
    4. Boondocker
      Rated your team
    5. Aerrow
      I'll get to it as soon as I can.
    6. ENZ0
      I gave your team a rate, and sorry for delay!
    8. ENZ0
      Np! I'll try to do ASAP! Oh, and sorry to hear the retirement.
    9. KidX
      Can I get a link to your team?
    10. MetaNite
      I would rate your team but everybody else has said everything I would already. Sorry to hear you're quitting.
    11. Scimjara
      Doctor Who?, I would be glad to expect the rate later today!
    12. Mike Legend
      Mike Legend
      just out of curiosity what made you wanna retire?
    13. ginganinja
      hey are you leaving or will you get back to pokemon in Gen 5?
    14. Azlanslayer
    15. Shizzle
      Hippodowon is seriously a joke.
      Usage: | 39 | Hippowdon | 48756 | 4.88 |
      Lead: | 10 | Hippowdon | 22696 | 2.27 |

      Ok, lets do some math! 4.8-2.27 = 2.53% to face a healthy Hippowdon, as Leads are most definitely going to be weakened already.

      | Hippowdon | Defense EV | High (150-200) | 53.0 |
      | Hippowdon | Defense EV | Max | 14.0 |

      Something tells me that basically all the Hippodown's used run the standard Smogon sets. Even though running 252 HP / 252 Def is stupid on such a pokemon, I will just assume its sane.

      So some more math! 2.53% x 14% [keep in mind they may not be running 252 HP too] = 0.03542% to face a Hippodown running such a set. You can prepare for such a thing if you want.

      And I know the Gengar example was silly, but its the principle and it showed what I was trying to demonstrate.
    16. Shizzle
      Why would you alter your EVs to kill pokemon sets that are not run? Its like saying Gengar does not 2HKO Vaporeon [lets just say it does 40%, just a random number] with Thunderbolt to a 252 HP / 252 SpD Calm Vaporeon. Is this a calculation you are going to look at? No, you would and should be doing calculations against the most common/likely set. As I said earlier, are you going to base a Focus Blast on Gengar against a 252 HP / 252 SpD Calm Blissey?
    17. sterling2224
      Uh, I'm new, and have no idea how to do anything here, could you help me?
    18. Saif
      Hello , and thanks for the rate....
      Umm Rotom-C sounds like a great idea , but that is a defensive wall not a special one , do you recommend me putting Roserade>Hippowdon and put Rotom as the defensive wall instead of Hippowdon?[Although that would mean no Cradily and no special walls at all]
    19. supermarth64
    20. Alan
      I googled the name of it, I forgot what it is I just copy/pasted and it was on some guys deviant art, i just resized it.
    21. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      hello, would you be able to attend a sleepover after GPK's? ring me tommorow for further details.
    22. Toaster
      You may want to popularize that considering many people are starting to ask where am I getting my avatar!
    23. Toaster
      you can find it here
    24. NightmareZ
      When I read your sig i had a sudden urge to say:

      "I'm not sad." "Then why are you crying"

      Sigh gotta love random qoutes from dr. who
    25. purple crobatchop
      purple crobatchop
      I am a hard core OU battler!
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    I have retired from competitive battling after a (not so) successful two years. I might check back up here on occasion so if you want me to rate then drop me a pm but try not to get your hopes too high :/​
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