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Sep 11, 2010
Aug 31, 2010
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    1. Eppie
      capture the legend, and check it's frame via pokerng :)
    2. Supe
      Yea, there's nothing wrong at all. You just weren't reading the results correctly. And the seed doesn't matter on Emerald. It's always the same from the start of the game with a steady frame advancement of 60fps.

      I'm glad I could help you figure it out. Anyways, its 3:30 am here, so I'm going to bed. Good luck with your captures!
    3. Supe
      oh man! I just realized why you're confused!!! Ignore the seed and frame in the parenthesis!! Emerald's RNG works a little different. The very first number in the results is your frame.

      In this case it is: 7380377F

      The F stands for Frame. That's why I said that the game gave you a poke in the 7 million+ range. The Deoxys you listed was caught on frame 7,380,377.
    4. Supe
      I don't think it's the ROM. It seems to be advancing correctly because it gave you a pokemon at 7million+ frames. It seems to be a PokeRNG issue becuase your problem is frame calculation. You should be using version 1.01 of the program. I don't know what else to tell you.
    5. Supe
      Okay, here's the results for the nature/IVs you listed:

      7380377F fa724459 (LONELY, ability 1) 1/12/8/28/8/14 (Seed: 330202c5 Frame: 9514) HP FIGHTING 35

      Not sure why you're getting different results...
    6. Supe
      I can try to run it through PokeRNG. What are the nature and exact IVs?

      Does it give you the same result even if you advance the frame in the game? try this:

      1. pause the emulator and save the state
      2. unpause and immediately catch deoxys
      3. get frame from PokeRNG
      4. pause emulator again and reload state
      5. advance frame by using ctrl + N
      6. unpause and catch deoxys again
      7. get frame from PokeRNG again

      did the frame that PokeRNG spit out change by the number of ctrl+N advances or did it stay the same?
    7. Supe
      I really don't know. Does it always give you the same frame number no matter what you catch?
    8. Taya/Amy
      I use a linker and do not play on emulator (therefore no save states; I have to reset like any other breeder and check the seed I hit)
    9. Skymin_Flower
      No it is because I have a mac and can't use macros :P
    10. Skymin_Flower
      PID and IVs...

      I had to use the flawless spreadsheet. I can't use the Bit XoR Calculator
    11. Wichu
      Then you shouldn't follow that guide; it's for FR/LG, not Emerald. Try using the on-site guide instead.
    12. Wichu
      I assume you're trying to abuse on FR/LG. PokéRNG was designed for Emerald, which has an initial seed of 0. FR/LG can have various initial seeds; the one which is used is determined at the title screen. You must have got one which after several hours coincidentally looped back to Emerald's starting seed.
      The guide tells you to check the frame as soon as you continue the game, after you make a save state. If the frame at that point is close to the one you're aiming for, load the save state and wait out the difference; otherwise, reset and make a new save state.
    13. Wichu
      So it's the frame of the spread you're trying to hit? I didn't think there were any good spreads that early...
    14. Wichu
      I'm not sure what you're trying to do. How did you get the number 2266?
    15. Skymin_Flower
      No worries, good luck :)
    16. Skymin_Flower
      Ah. Well I can't help you any further :\ sorry
    17. Skymin_Flower
      Alright then. Like I said, whatever works :P
    18. Skymin_Flower
      Using RSEdecode Youtube Tutorial Link
      RSEdecode is to check the IV and the PID of the pokemon, which is important.
      1) Put the desired PKM to check for its IV in the 2nd Slot
      2) Create a folder in C drive and call it rsedecode
      3) Click Tool --> Memory Viewer, Click 32 Bit and Click Go on top right
      4) Click save, you will see a pop-up

      5) For Address, it is different depending on the game:
      Emerald - 2024550
      Ruby/Sapphire - 30043C4 Fire Red/Leaf Green - 20242E8

      Size: 64, then click Save in rsedecode
      6) Save as monster.dmp in C:/rsedecode
      7) Press Start --> Run --> CMD, type cd \rsedecode, follow by typing "rse".

      This will give you the IV of the pokemon, now plug the data into PokeRNG
    19. Skymin_Flower
      Well I used the PID, I don't know how you found your frame without it lol, but cool :)

      No worries :D
    20. Skymin_Flower
      Oh ok. Just do whatever works best for you then :)
    21. Skymin_Flower
      Well how did you find your frame?
    22. Skymin_Flower
      Lol. You:

      1. Create a save state right in front of the legend
      2. Battle and capture it
      3. Use RSEDecode + PokeRNG to determine your frame
      4. Reload the save state before you vsed the legendary
      5. Continue idling, and repeat when necessary. I don't know why he recommends .sav, unless you overshoot the mark and have to start again.

      EDIT: Oh I remember now. You need to create a .sav to work out the PID of the Pokemon
    23. Skymin_Flower
      That is to find the seed, not just before you actually capture it.
    24. Skymin_Flower
      Sorry I meant after you catch the legendary. So then you can Pal Park it. Use save states before that :P
    25. Skymin_Flower
      None that I found :\
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