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Oct 5, 2011
Jan 25, 2010
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Oct 5, 2011
    1. Diabolico
      Okay. Thank you.
    2. Diabolico
      Do I have redis rights to trade them?
    3. Diabolico

      Thanks for the rotoms. ;)
    4. Diabolico
      okay. Give me a few minutes. Is there something that you want in return?
    5. Diabolico
      As a matter of face, I am.

      What's your 4th gen. FC?

      Use my Platinum FC in my sig.
    6. Diabolico
      Here I am.
    7. Diabolico
      That's fine. Thank u. ;)
    8. thegoldenburrito
      thanks for your help, I´ll ev train them so let me know if you want a copy
    9. thegoldenburrito
      (faceplam), can you teach it "magnet rise" insted?
    10. thegoldenburrito
      yes 15 pokemon in total, give me a sec :)
    11. thegoldenburrito
      ok, i´m available now :)
      I need this:
      Larvitar:Pursuit/stealth rock/superpower
      Muchlax:Double edge/Curse/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch
      Riolu:Vacuum wave
      Rotom:Signal Beam

      *2 clones of each poke with those moves
      You can keep a copy, if you want a nn let me know
    12. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for telling me about this!
    13. Freefaller
      NO WTF, I spent all day advancing my frame to 13818 and I don't get a kyogre with shinyness or the right IV's?!?!?! Darn it! =(
    14. Freefaller
      Yeah, actually I just searched up a new one since I was confused and got a delay of 13818 -_- but I'm at 12000 something right now so I hope I did it right!
    15. Freefaller
      Well here's what I searched in PokeRNG:

      Search for: Shiny (TID: 54399 SID: 37424), Modest nature, HP: >= 30, Atk: >= 0, Def: >= 30, SpA: >= 30, SpD: >= 30, Spe: >= 30, Min. delay: 479, Max. delay: 639, Year: 2011

      PID: 86E5C0AF (Modest, ability 1), IVs: 31/2/31/31/31/31, seed: 9E0C027D, delay: 626 (year: 2011), method 1: 3814, K (synch): 3799, K (no synch): None, HP: Dragon 70

      Does that mean I should go for that seed and that delay or something? Like would I imput that seed into seed to times?
    16. Freefaller
      Ok, so I got my seed, it's 850C027D with a delay of 626, and to hit it I have to hit the time 12:12:57 August 8, in KazoWAR's video he almost always gets something really close to it, but mine are never close to my seed...am I doing something wrong?
    17. Freefaller
      Ok, I'm at Kyogre and I've got my seed and everything, so I'm trying to hit my delay. But whenever Kazowar resets and then continues he has a different number in the memory, but when I do it I always get the same number no matter what...can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

      Edit: Nvm i figured it out, wen I put it the current seed location from RNG helper I forgot to switch it to HG/SS, but I have another question, my delay is 626, so when I re-load the save state, should I load it quickly, or slowly? When I load it right away I always get around around 1500 but when I did it slowly, it was still around 1800...
    18. Freefaller
      Yeah, I downloaded all the programs he used =) also I'm almost at the hidden tower =D although I'm not quite sure how to hit my delay since half the time I checked it (Last time I tried to RNG kyogre) it showed up as invalid in the seed to time finder...
    19. Freefaller
      Ok, thanks for the video =) I'll watch it now and if I can do it, I'll make sure to send you a copy of my first RNG =)

      Edit: I've watched that video before and I basically got it, but I think I messed up somewhere when I got to the kyogre (Or groudon in his video)

      Edit 2: Last time I tried was around a week ago, I'm retrying it now and I just finished abusing my ID/SID =D now time to go catch kyogre...
    20. Joel
      Nice Pansage. Thanks for the bonus.
    21. Joel
      Thanks for the trade.
    22. Joel
      I'm back on with my Platinum. I don't need a copy back of Dratini. I already had it cloned.
    23. Joel
      Use my Platinum. And if Heatran is nn'd, please un-nn it. Ill add you and see you on with my White version first.
    24. Joel
      I just had someone finish training that. I have Dratini either UT @ lvl 1, or 252 Atk/252 SpAtk/4 Def @ lvl 100.
    25. Joel
      I am. I don't remember you telling me what you wanted fot it.
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