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Winters Zombie
Last Activity:
Feb 5, 2016 at 10:56 PM
May 11, 2010
Trophy Points:

Winters Zombie

from Hawaii but stuck in the middle of nowhere Nebraska

Winters Zombie was last seen:
Feb 5, 2016 at 10:56 PM
    1. Esmeya
      In relation to your trade thread you can't have personal "blacklists" anymore ;_;
      1. Winters Zombie
        Winters Zombie
        Ah, okay. I just copy pasted from my last thread and haven't had a chance to update since due to a computer dying. but thanks.
        Feb 21, 2015
    2. Luck O' the Irish
      Luck O' the Irish
      You posted on my profile a few weeks ago about needing an egg hatched, were you able to get it hatched by someone else?
      1. Winters Zombie
        Winters Zombie
        Yeah, I got a friend with a different TSV and he was able to hatch it. Sorry and thanks for trying! :D!
        Feb 12, 2015
    3. Luxpluff91
      Welcome back :)
      1. Winters Zombie
        Winters Zombie
        Thanks man! :D!
        Jan 9, 2015
    4. Mackenzie
      Oh my God! For real? I can't believe I would see you again! :O 안녕하세요 !!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mackenzie
        I don't mind, although I still have to update my pokemon list, feel free to do so. Sorry for the late response by the way~
        Feb 23, 2015
      3. Winters Zombie
        Winters Zombie
        Yeah I know that feeling. I only have like 7 Pokemon and 4 of them are the same D:!
        it's fine no need worry. I'll open it up after work today.
        Feb 23, 2015
      4. Mackenzie
        Ohh nice! I shall await until your collection grows again. Anyway, least I could do for allowing me to join your thread is that you can also have any pokemon I put up for free! I won't be trading your pokemon too, it would only be for my own personal consumption. :D
        Feb 23, 2015
    5. Gabe
    6. Toast++
      Oh, that's good. Going to stick around for a while?
    7. Diabolico
      I bet.

      And that's awesome. Good luck. ^^
    8. Diabolico
      Been in a long time, old friend. :)

      How are you doing? :)

      (Saw the discussion between you and toast++ about your trouble with your account lol.)
    9. Toast++
      Hi Winters! Sorry I didn't get your message earlier. It seems it all got figured out though. Welcome back!
    10. Mackenzie
      Thanks for accepting my invitation winters. xD
    11. Ragnar
      Not sure if you remember me, but I remember you!

      How are you?
    12. goodluck03
      I plain abuse on a emulator 4th gen, but i dont know how to do because I only abuse on my nds in original cartridges, how i can set the time on the ds menu for star the first time?
    13. Shii
      I'm glad ;-;
    14. Shii
      good :|
    15. Shii
    16. Shii
      you aren't talking about the drink? .-.
    17. Biosci
      Yeah, I remember UU being boring like that sometimes :/
    18. Biosci
      o.o niiiice
      How does it fair against come UU teams? :o
    19. Biosci
      Haha, wow. Excellent luring and team synergy xD
      Makes me wanna try out NU sometime sooner, now if only I could not suck at making teams.... ;^__^
    20. Biosci
      hahaha, all I know about NU so far is that I'm constantly told metang sucks ;)
    21. Biosci
      bs you only played a month before last time and you did p well xD
      Oooo, I've been meaning to try NU sometime. Seems like such a cool metagame !_!
    22. Biosci
      Oh I could've sworn I responded. Sucks you can't go :(

      I got it for giving out vgc mons xD
    23. Mackenzie
      Oh sorry to hear about that. thanks for being thoughtful as to keeping us private though.
    24. Mackenzie
      Winters, what happened? why aren't you on my psn list?
    25. Biosci
      Hey WZ :3

      Are you still going to worlds this year? :o
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    [ 4th Gen RNG Guide ] [ Zombie's New Thread! ]
    IGN: SooHyo FC 0061-1592-6342
    TSV: 0924
    ★Is a Korean Pop fanboy★


    Hawaii but stuck in the middle of nowhere Nebraska
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    HGSS Friend Code:
    1076 3043 4013
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