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Nov 30, 2013
May 2, 2010
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The Round Stable
    1. Bryce
      Hey will you please Rate my DW OU team Memories of nobody(peaked #6)?
      Rate from a great DW OU player like you would help improving it which is why I am posting this RMT
    2. Tendie
      Oi! Yeah we must duel! I'm tricky on ladder. when can you make it?
    3. Vanity
      Im in GMT - 8
    4. jrrrrrrr
      The deadline will be postponed a couple of days because of the server crashes. Please keep trying to get in contact with your opponent though. Give them a VM like you just sent to me so I can verify that you contacted them by looking at their wall. Thanks. If you do that and the deadline passes, you will get a bye.
    5. Vanity
      How about on Monday?
    6. Lemonade.
      I'm a slacker but it's done !_!
    7. Lemonade.
      Yeah sorry lol!! Can't atm but I will when I get on a computer today
    8. Celestavian
      Yeah, it's probably my favorite scene from the whole series.
    9. Coroa-Loba
      Hi Exie.

      Its nice to meet the person who has such cool Pokemon allowed to be distributed @ Pokemon GTS.

      I was wondering if you could maybe please tell me how you find legit shinnies so easily.

      Hope that I can talk to you soon.
    10. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Glad to see you're back!
    11. pikmin
    12. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I'm going to miss you Exie! D:!
    13. mixxer123
      I download you pokemon But i cannot play?
    14. Bakus
      That's an amazing giveaway you've done :) How am I supposed to top that?! Hopefully you come back here and there, but enjoy your free time now :) You'll have lots ^^
    15. bloomcool13
      Okay thanks!
      Sorry to bother you, but I've got one other question: is there a possibility I can get shiny Shaymin you gave away? because for other it's non redis isn't it? and I REALLY want it
    16. bloomcool13
      I'm sorry to bother you, but what file should I download to have acces to your pokes?
    17. Defense
      Ah, so your heading to University then?
      Good luck friend, and have a great life :D
    18. bloomcool13
      Received Heatran, thanks! :)
    19. bloomcool13
      okay :) good luck at university!
    20. bloomcool13
      You're welcome :) Okay I'll be watching that ;). Why if I may ask?
    21. bloomcool13
      Hi EXIE, thanks for your nice giveaway :). I'd like to ask you something different: do you (still) need an EV trainer?
    22. Gonzo206
      Nice, myself I like trance/techno music. Especially Tiestio, Armin van Buuren, Calvin Harris, and Deadmau5. Have you heard of them?
    23. Gonzo206
      Dubstep? Is that an electronic group? I've just recently listen to some electronic music and found that I like it, it's a good switch off from Hip-hop
    24. Gonzo206
      THREE SIX MAFIA!!!!!!! You're the first person that I know of on smogon that listens to hip-hop/rap. I love three 6 mafia hahaha
    25. Christian
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    DW RMT

    'love is like iron head jirachi: chances are you will end up losing in the end.'


    The Round Stable
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    Loves to eat
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