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Last Activity:
May 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2012
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from Kanto

FailAtGTA was last seen:
May 4, 2014
    1. darkjd4
      i have a egg with you SV number was wondering if you could hatch it for me? my FC: JD 5370-1200-5251
    2. Jorge Moreira
      Jorge Moreira
      HI there Can you help me hatch a aron egg? really need it!
      I can give u 5 iv pokemon tyvm!
      My fc is 0173-2598-7297.
      If want email me at jorgemoreira2102@gmail.com i'm almost all time online
    3. Naelynne
      Awesome! Is there a specific nature/IV spread you want for the smeargle? (I've only got Timid so far, but I'm sure that won't be much of a problem haha) I'm in need of SV 417. I'll be able to trade later on tonight (I've got classes in a little bit) or tomorrow if that's ok with you?
    4. Greenlatios369
      Hi FailAtGTA, sorry about the drought ninetales, I didn't know what clear skies meant. I'm new to competitive battling.
    5. SapphSabre777
      That makes sense. SOMEBODY has to do it. Thank you for making our experiences better. ;)
    6. SapphSabre777
      You've been the unfortunate victim of many noobs lately. Are you meaning to do this (act as a moderator and filter the noobs) or is this chance circumstance? Either way, I feel sorry that you have to go through all those people.
    7. CBMagikarp
      I dunno, haha :p No reason really. Just wanted to.
    8. CBMagikarp
      Aye this is IFailAtPokemon ^^
      Hit me up for a match some time.
    9. Darkmin93
      Hmm do i feel dumb. Yeah i was using my White version. Well thanks a lot for the notification. I'll go delete that post ASAP.
    10. Immortal
      hey sorry for being such a tool yesterday man, my dad had a heart attack (hes gonna be ok) and i was taking out frustration i guess, i feel kinda bad sorry
    11. colddy
      hey my battle finder hanged after the battle. wanted to say gg, although my team is quite "lame" or weird, huh.
    12. Uber Aggrons
      Uber Aggrons
      Thunder spam haha
    13. IFailAtPokemon
      Aww the one time I catch you online I leave my W2 somewhere....
      Life. Sucks. Lul.
    14. IFailAtPokemon
      I'm really damn bored without it lol :[
      Hit me up some time if I'm on if you have time, I just got my B2W2 :D
      Also, please tell me if you know of another battle finder.
    15. IFailAtPokemon
      Just making sure, is the battle finder down for you too? D:
    16. RawrXD
      Wanna have a OU or Ubers battle?
    17. IFailAtPokemon
      It was indeed a great battle :p
      You could give both, Draco for raw power, and Dragon Pulse for when you can't afford to miss. I prefer Dragon Pulse though because most Dragon types are OHKO'd by it anyway and because its more spammable :D
    18. Dualshock
      Want a uber match sometime?
    19. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      You had a 92 turn battle? Wow!
    20. Dualshock
      I don't think the other reports are that bad tho
    21. Dualshock
      Oh sorry my bad wont happen again the rest of them are grand tho??
    22. Dualshock
      I know what you mean they are pretty annoying
    23. Dualshock
      Oh I know I was just saying :L all those people who have DCed on you!!
    24. Dualshock
      Woah dude you love reporting people!!
    25. ClonMew
      Is the battle finder broken for you too??
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