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Jul 18, 2013
Sep 19, 2009
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from Inside a box with both hearts torn in two

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Jul 18, 2013
    1. Joeyboy
      hey, we're paired for the homefield tour week 4, I'm gmt-5 and am free most days after 2:30pm. Your home btw, lemme know what tier you wanna play so I can get a team ready :)
    2. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      hey we have to battle for farm league. i'm GMT+1, and generally on after 5 pm my time. i'd prefer to get this done before sunday is possible
    3. HSA
      we have to play for week 3 of homefield advantage, I'm gmt-6, lemme know when you wanna play
    4. elodin
      Hey, we have to battle for the week 3 of the Farm League. I'll be on most days this week just tell me when you wish to battle :)
    5. Lohgock
      How about battling tomorrow? And now please answer my VMs.. you're online everday..
    6. Lohgock
      You have some time this weekend?
    7. Anno nyme
      Anno nyme
      We're paired for the home field tour round 2.
      When can u play ? I'm GMT +1 and I'm able to play this week end from 10 AM to 7 PM my time.
    8. Lohgock
      Hey, we're paired for the Farm League. I'm GMT+1 and have a lot of time this week due to holidays, so it won't be difficult to get this done I guess
    9. Rydro
      Hey, let's play today at night?( my GMT)
    10. Rydro
      is best for me tomorrow at 21:00 my time
    11. Rydro

      Let's play this week at night (GMT +2)?
    12. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      So you aren't dead............interesting.
    13. Tamahome
      i'm on ps as DracoMalfoy
    14. Tamahome
    15. Tamahome
      ahh I'll go to the movies tomorrow afternoon -_- tomorrow night might work tho! I'll be on at night then. leave me a time thats possible for you to play.
    16. Tamahome
      MAYBE NOW?

      EDIT: omg thats so fucking hard lol tell me the times you're active tomorrow(please say you can play tomorrow afternoon). I'm so easy to find, shouldn't be this hard to get these matches done
    17. Tamahome
      hm, no, couldnt we play like now? I see you on

      EDIT: okay that didnt work out. but yeah, weekends are tough for me, like really tough. are you active on irc/ps/po at all? its been easy to play in random times during the weekdays.
    18. Tamahome
      so xmas is over. when to play? name a day and a time, please.
    19. McMeghan
    20. Tamahome
      fine, I'll send you a vm in 4 days or something
    21. Tamahome
      ahh damn, at this time I'm gonna see mygirlfriend XD couldnt that be two hours earlier? if not, we can try to play after christmas as long as we actually schedule it right

      sorry for not being very polite before, I perfectly understand you're busy, and just want to get it done
    22. Tamahome
      I'd appreciate if we could play before the weekend or at most saturday. monday I'll be driving cuz of holidays and wont be able to play from like the 24th till the deadline.

      again: would appreciate if you could help me and play asap. at least don't ignore it like you did with my last vm. thanks
    23. Tamahome
      we are paired for the r2 of ost. when can you play? I'm basically a vagabond as I'm on vacations so I think it would be the best for us if you could pick a time and then I see if I can make it. I'm gmt -2
    24. RegiGuy
      Actually, I can't participate in the tournament as I'm busy with Christmas, so I need to drop. Good luck with you though!
    25. RegiGuy
      When are you available tomorrow? My timezone is GMT-5 by the way.
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    we're anything brighter than even the sun
    (we're everything greater than books might mean)
    we're everyanything more than believe
    (with a spin, leap, alive we're alive)
    we're wonderful one times one.
    Finally no longer busy. I can play again.


    Inside a box with both hearts torn in two
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    Espeon <3
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    Loves to eat
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