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Aug 15, 2014
Mar 17, 2010
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Aug 14, 1994 (Age: 20)
This storys old, but it goes on and on until we di


This is the end..., 20, from This storys old, but it goes on and on until we di

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firecape was last seen:
Aug 15, 2014
    1. Theorymon
      Holy shit dude I heard you have returned! How ya been?
      1. Muk
        Aug 18, 2014
    2. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    3. little gk
    4. Theorymon
      God damn firecape, you missed the forum change and the Smogon hacking saga... You better come back for gen 6!
    5. trickroom
      leave with you :D
    6. Furai
      is creep
    7. trickroom
    8. trickroom
      WHERE are you firecape, SAD, I will leave soon too.... D:
    9. Furai
    10. Furai
    11. little gk
    12. Furai
    13. trickroom
      HEY YO.

      I missed you. Also I searched in IRC for days when I got a few days free but I didn't see you. Gyarados is owning the ladder by the way.

      The team is good for the most part, but I hate those paralysis rate X__x Especially those Thunders who are so damn annoying. Yeah I have exams soon D: Same like your busy life. Also Terrakion/Rayquaza don't really enjoy facing those defensive Fighting Arceus. Ghost Arceus beats Fighting Arceus but you will hate it when it has Dark Pulse. Lucky thing is it cannot have both Ice Beam and Dark Pulse so its fine. I used it against a few decently experienced players and won them all. The team hates Espeon for a bit so I actually used Shadow Ball Deoxys-S for a while and it worked! Dropped Taunt because we can now 2HKO opposing Deoxys-S instead of using Taunt. Also, watchout for Electric Arceus lol, there was one time, I paralyzed it with Kyogre and Rayquaza killed it with Earthquake. The team also relies quite a lot on paralysis support against those annoying Calm Mind Grass Arceus because Terrakion cannot revenge kill it and Rayquaza fears Ice Beam. Palkia can never beat it in rain.

      Now, I stopped using it because you left :(


      That made me post my other RMT first because I can't find you. I can't make the RMT without you! Maybe sometime after our exams, we should collaborate and make a superstar RMT!

      I gave you a shout out too in the RMT :P

      Good luck in your midterms :)
    14. Furai
      ╭∩╮( º.º )╭∩╮

      do you know who that is

      hint: METEOR
    15. trickroom
      Happy Birthday... :P I know I am late but wrong Time ZONE X__X
      Gyarados > Mamoswine :)
    16. Cinco Diablo
      Cinco Diablo
      Happy Birthday man.
    17. Delko
      Happy Bday ;)
    18. Solace
      happy birthday loser
    19. Furai
      hb (BAN ME PLEASE)
    20. SoulWind
      Happy birthday, have a nice day :]
    21. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    22. Furai
    23. trickroom
      Currently thinking of a suitable replacement to take Thunder Wave and Thunders. Scarf Zekrom is also a dick to deal with once it comes in on Kyogre.
    24. trickroom
      Spikes is very important for the team though. I find it hard to set up Rayquaza :(
      Setting up on Seed Flare is sort of fun though :)
      Kept got haxed by Thunders. The team hates Magic Bounce + stall and Baton Pass users. Its hard to stop those Baton Pass chains unless we use ExtremeKiller Arceus or ExtremeSpeed Rayquaza.
      Shadow Ball on Deoxys-S to beat opposing Deoxys and Xatu. Maybe we can try Scarf too on Deoxys. I like how our Kyogre owns Grass Arceus on the switch in.
      accidentally closed a few battles -.- made me lost a few. Also BS disconnect...I was playing 3 battles at once :(
    25. trickroom
      Well Blissey completely owns CM Ghost Arceus :P Yeah Rayquaza is cool, it sweeps a lot. Your team really hates Zekrom spamming Bolt Strike, especially those Scarf variants :(
      Hoping for Thunder miss? :(
      A bit weak to Kyurem-W once Kyogre goes down :( Also the team really hate Spikes.
      EDIT: How the hell did Excadrill outsped my +1 Rayquaza? Must be some Air Lock glitch. I am thinking of ditching someone for Groudon :P Maybe Kyogre or Deoxys-S but I am not sure, losing Kyogre means we lost something to check Kyurem-W. Kyogre can take an attack and paralyse it. Deoxys-S provides Spikes which is useful.
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    Aug 14, 1994 (Age: 20)
    This storys old, but it goes on and on until we di
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    Loves to eat
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    0603 4165 5075
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