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Apr 4, 2010
Jul 22, 2008
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    1. Kobe_MVP
      Wow, those are some amazing banners!

      Thank you so much! I'll use these once I do my massive remodeling of my thread... I still need to add over 70 Pokemon, including my 35 or so RNG abuses lol.

      Anyways, what would you like for these beauties?
    2. Kobe_MVP
      For NU: Butterfree (Dunsparce as well if you can do 2)
      For UU: Uxie (Mesprit as well if you can do 2)
      For BL: Honchkrow (Gallade as well if you can do 2)
      Redistributables: Jumpluff

      Tell me if you want me ot send you specific pictures/more information. Thanks!
    3. Kobe_MVP
      I need some banners. I need one of each of the following:


      I wouldn't want to ask for free ones though, so CMT for anything you might like for them.

      Would 2 Pokemon per banner work for you?

      Hit me back with a PM if you want more specific details, lol. Thanks!
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    ^Click to view my trade thread!^
    (I make banners)

    FC: 4081 2708 7420


    Chaining Brave Shiny Dusclops
    DP Friend Code:
    4081 2708 7420
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