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Last Activity:
Feb 16, 2011
Jun 7, 2009
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Kobe_MVP was last seen:
Feb 16, 2011
    1. Metalex
      Hi, I want to know if your still trading cause im intrested in a few of your things :). I can RNG in HGSS so you wont be trading for redis things :P
    2. JeffreyLebowski
      i need to return the pokemon to you

      i need to ask, do you have a togethingy in the 5th gen?
    3. JeffreyLebowski
      you still around? want to do all of our arranged trades?
    4. Metalex
      Thats fine im in no rush lol, And yes I watched those and SparkTEHfuzes aswell. (for breeding anyway)
    5. Metalex
      Still need that IV battle?
    6. NameTaken
      ready when you are, just need your fc.
    7. NameTaken
      give me a few minutes, and your friend code, please
    8. Metalex
      I just got home from school right now so if you want I can give it to you right now :). And im not sure but would you be willing to teach me capture RNG on Platinum :P, Ive just about giving up on breeding (F*cking NPC's) and there really isnt a good written HGSS guide (besides Riski's). I dont care about the shinyness of Pokemon so I dont want to bother with ID/SID abuse. Theres just some wild Pokemon I want caught in certain balls and you have a few of them on your thread.
    9. Metalex
      Hey man :), Sorry I just read your VM. I doubt you need that battle now but when and if you need any just give me a shout ;)


      And yea im only battling and XD resetting but havent been able to do that for a few days now, Occasionally I EV train for people for things I want to use for battling :P
    10. Metalex
      Hey Kobe long time, When im done this battle I will be able to give you some IV battles like before :), If you still need them of course.
    11. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Hey, yea, whenever!
    12. JeffreyLebowski
      talk to loverina. i think she was the distributor on that
    13. JeffreyLebowski
      also, there is something i have been meaning to ask you about. Do you think you could CMT for MattJ's terrakion? I have some of his giveaway pokes, and i have some very nice 5th gen breeds.
    14. Red
      I would like ro EV train your Jolly Bronzor, and naughty houndour.
      I thought those were pretty cool sets! :)
    15. Red
      sure; do you pick, or shall i?
      :) thanks
    16. mattj
      Lol of COURSE you can still get it! xD

      Just contact Cipher Admin Lovrina, she's the distributor.
    17. mattj
      Did you ever get your mon from my giveaway?
    18. Ashigaru
      Would you be open to trading the giveaway Terakion for the Landlos or Shibishirasu?
    19. Aniki
      hey kobe, are you looking for an EV trainer? :)
    20. IZNOGUD
      Yes, I can clone. :)
      VM me when you're available and when I am online, please.
      Awesome, thanks. and yes I can clone:)
    22. JeffreyLebowski
      i can pick up the pokemon for EV training now.

      Also looking at Upperdecker's comment below, i would like to make a trade for the Terrakion. I won a Puririru from the same giveaway. Upperdecker's has Water absorb. Mine has Cursed body.
      Hey bro, can I get that Terakion you won from mattj's giveaway? I can trade you the Pururiru that I won from the same giveaway as well.
      Let me know, thanks!
    24. Timeneon
      btw can't clone :S do u know anyone who can clone for both of us?
    25. Timeneon
      Onix (OT)
      IVs: 31/31/31/6/31/31
      Ability: Sturdy
      Nature: Careful
      EVs: UT

      DJGopher's Marill
      IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
      Ability: Huge Power
      Nature: Adamant
      OT: LANDON
      ID: 38045
      EVs: UT at level 10
      - Waterfall
      - Ice Beam
      - Defense Curl
      - Tackle

      Syberia's Hariyama
      IVs: 31/31/31/22/27/31
      Ability: Thick Fat
      Nature: Adamant
      ID: 32879
      EVs: 172 Atk/168 Def/74 SpD/96 Spe
      - Close Combat
      - Ice Punch
      - Substitute
      - Focus Punch

      MattJ's Dunsparce
      IVs: 31/31/31/29/31/0
      Ability: Serene Grace
      Nature: Brave
      OT: MattJ
      ID: 25437
      EVs: 252 Atk/144 HP/36 Def/76 SpD (I think...)
      - Yawn
      - Zen Headbutt
      - Headbutt
      - Roost

      Twilightblade's Chinchou
      IVs: 31/x/21/31/31/31
      Ability: Volt Absorb
      Nature: Calm
      OT: Jasmine
      ID: 39218
      EVs: UT at level 1
      - Bubble
      - Supersonic
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    Plat FC: 1763 0490 7739 (Use this unless told otherwise)
    Diamond FC: 1763 4022 2569
    HeartGold FC: 4941 7733 7800
    Black FC: 5199 9110 4535

    Trade thread- If I CMT, please respond here.
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