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Jul 5, 2017
Mar 16, 2011
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Jul 5, 2017
    1. King
      do u remember jasonpwn aka me
    2. Steve Angello
      Steve Angello
      hey bro tim here we need to talk against if you come back once.. i love you
    3. Grey Knight
    4. AB2
      I love you
    5. LilOu
      Gamester! Are you still alive? :[
      1. Shurtugal
        I hope so :{
        Sep 15, 2013
    6. NahimC
    7. BLINGAS
    8. GC7
      Hey Gamester, well I posted a RMT in the OU section it's called The Flood by GC7, it would be real cool if you came by and had a look at it and give me some thoughts about it, I really like how you team build and all so I think some of your knowledge to this team would be awesome, Thanks and hope to see a rate from you
    9. Gamester
      Sorry I was on a hiatus forever I'll try to start checking back more regularly
    10. Superpowerdude
      Hey Gamster! I have been wanting to make a team based around Subcm Latias i saw the core you had posted of Mamoswine and Magnzone and i used that alongside Latias to make a offensive core I have then been testing my team in battle for a while and I made an rmt! I would greatly appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some advice!

      p.s I gave you a shout out in my rmt

    11. Blim
      the gaming gangster
    12. Branny00
      Gamestar hi

      I'm gonna tell you that I'm testing out your team, so I left a like :D
    13. Gimmick
      Gamester hi

      Since I can't post in the RMT Euthinasia anymore, I figured I'd tell you here, lol. On Stoutland, 212 Spe EVs put you at just enough Speed in Sand to outspeed Scarf Landorus-I and Thundurus-T. The only thing outspeeding it between 212 Spe EVs Adamant and a Jolly Nature is Modest Scarf Alakazam (and maybe some other awkward things I can't think of lol). At any rate, this way you can dump 44 EVs in HP. It's rather small, but it could come in to play if you ever do plan on using that team again!
    14. Machina
      Hi. I was trying your Solar Vengeance team, and I just wanted to say that it's absolutely amazing. Wobbufett + Dugtrio forms such an awesome core for Victini and Venusaur to come in and wreck. Good job! :)
    15. LilOu
      I think so...but when i finish to do this Essay :(
    16. Gone to the beach
      Gone to the beach
      I've actually never tried CAP. I'd like to learn about it though. You should try uu! Its really refreshing after playing OU for awhile.
    17. Gone to the beach
      Gone to the beach
      Do you play other tiers except OU?
    18. LilOu
      Bro, i just rated your team. See you tomorrow...
    19. bubbly
      Hey! I just wanted to say how much I love seeing your RMT's come up, and congrats on Solar Vengeance :)
    20. pavak
      Hey Gamester
    21. Ripamon
      ℓ☺ℓ hold up, when finch told me someone stole my team I got mad and wrote a reply on his wall without actually checking the link(internet is so slow here, don't wanna waste time and all),anyways I assumed someone stole it and just rmt'd my work.later when I did click the link I saw what happened and even posted a rate, and forgot about my earlier rant.sorry bout that bro
    22. Gone to the beach
      Gone to the beach
      Yeah, just so happens I leave on a three week vacation the day before B2W2 soooooo...I swear if you put u turn on that celebi!
    23. Gone to the beach
      Gone to the beach
      Well right before the release of a new title, the level of stupidity increases exponentially.
    24. Gone to the beach
      Gone to the beach
      Thank you for being a new person who doesn't make useless posts! There has been an influx of them lately
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    Solar Vengeance - My #1 peaking Sun RMT
    Euthanasia - My #1 peaking Sand RMT
    Here are a couple of cool cores if you need some team-building ideas

    Message me if you'd like a team rate or anything really. I'm here to help :]
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