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Jul 25, 2013
Sep 15, 2009
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Mar 11, 1991 (Age: 26)
LA, with gangsters, dragons, and mad fat cactuses
    1. Pocket
      giggity69, we're matched for Uber mini-tour. The deadline is today (yikes), so I'll be on Showdown as either Pocket, Dark Pocket, Michael Phelps, or Super Rod, so search for those accounts :0 Chall me when you're ready - don't bother PMing me, cuz PS! doesn't notify them.
    2. NixHex
      happy birthday dude.
    3. dragonboy52
    4. dragonboy52
      Do you want me to make a C/P able version of the GP check in the Forretress analysis or should I pass it through GP in a new thread?
    5. New World Order
      New World Order
      Hi, you have a GP check ready for this article. Thanks
    6. NixHex
      well cool. i'm here tuesday through thursday in the library after noon through like 5, just forum pm me any time you're available.
    7. NixHex
      ah. Yeah I'm back in grad school so i usually hang out in the library in the evenings before my class. lol, are you by any chance the guy with an alienware who plays rom hacks of frlg?
    8. NixHex
      Hey dude, do you still go to cal poly?
    9. Lemonade
      Hi were you planning on finishing Deo-A? I can write up the LO set and push it through GP or some combo of that if you don't have time. Thanks
    10. Mew51
      are you for a battle, let's fight WI-FI of course
    11. firecape
    12. Badal
      No worries. I got enough to work on anyways.
    13. Badal
      Are you still working on Deoxys-A? Or can me or someone else takeover and push it through GP.
    14. bian
      Hi! By the way, can you please give me a seed for a Naughty HP Fire Mixed Attacker Giratina-O with the highest possible IVs? Thanks! :)
    15. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy Birthday.
      Happy birthday!!! :)
    17. Manaphy
      In Gen.5, defog puts away you AND you're opponents Entry Hazards, meaning it will be much easier to Spin now. Ho_oh with Regenaration only takes about 17% each switch in.

      I could See Garchomp, Swimming Goggles Manaphy and Kyogre, and Generally anything with a lot of Speed is gonna be much more effective.
    18. Manaphy

      Gen.5 Ubers doesn't look that different. We're gonna have, like, 3 or 4 Ubers, 3 of which are Dragon- typed, and they are all under 100 Speed..
    19. Firestorm
      Haha, four of us hardly made it through Todd! No online co-op though so I have to wait for a time 'til everyone is free again to play.
    20. Manaphy
      So I heard you like Ubers?
    21. calze6
      Thanks for the friend request!
    22. Buffalo_Wings
      Thanks man! Yeah go ahead
    23. Hugendugen
      Hey man. I just finished a bunch of exams, so now I only have the final exams in a month and a half, then I'm FINISHED! Anyway, I've been testing Sleep-Talk Lugia with Roar and Whirlwind on a Hazards team. Maybe I could test it with you some time.

      I'm also working on an RMT for the Rain Team (featuring Gyarados) which got me to number 1. I'm almost done with it.

      How you been?
    24. Arctic Eclipse
      Arctic Eclipse
      Ohh. hope to battle you soon.
    25. Arctic Eclipse
      Arctic Eclipse
      your not playing ubers anymore? remember we had an epic battle?
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    Gengar has a pedismile, deal with it.

    Screw "___" All (Hella!) RMT


    Mar 11, 1991 (Age: 26)
    LA, with gangsters, dragons, and mad fat cactuses
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    Brian Hernandez
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