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Last Activity:
Dec 5, 2011
Dec 12, 2010
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May 15, 1993 (Age: 24)


24, from Illinois

~Green~ was last seen:
Dec 5, 2011
    1. Gabe
      Hi, if you ever come online again please let me know if you still have a copy of my shiny Raikou.
    2. drown_panda
      Happy birthday
    3. Diabolico
      Happy Birthday. :)
    4. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy Birthday!
    5. muffinhead
      happy birthday person who is always on #smogonwifi :D
    6. FallenStar
      I really need my Pokemon back! Reply, please!
    7. A Very Little Monster
      A Very Little Monster
      i posted on your thread :D
    8. ¥Gold¥
      To whom it may concern:
      Green does not currently have access to a computer, and as such will be unable to run his thread until he can get one. This will take him a while, so don't bother saying anything to him anytime soon. That is all.
    9. ~Leaf~
      did you know sableye is awesome?
    10. Timeneon
      are u still interested in our trade :S haven't been online much >.>
    11. FallenStar
      I was wondering how my Pokemon are doing. Let me know, please.
    12. ShinySuicune
      To be honest I think Shadow Ball. Gravity only gives you 3 turns, so that makes Calm Minding harder since you have a time limit.
    13. ~Leaf~
      how do you make the cheats work?
    14. FSLAR
      Oh yeah one thing, is magnet rise better on a Steel Killer set? Or am I fine with explosion?
    15. ~Leaf~
      what did you google to find it?
    16. FSLAR
      Ok. Thanks again for this. :)
    17. ~Leaf~
      Or i could go to supercheats.com
    18. ~Leaf~
      can you send it to me in a PM?
    19. ~Leaf~
      hey do you have an EV checking AR code?
    20. FSLAR
      >.> maybe, lol.
      Anyway, teach it Thunderbolt, Explosion, Hidden Power and Substitute. Then clone it, and on the clone, remove it's Attack EVs. That's all. As I said, you may keep a copy.
      Think we could have a battle sometime later this week?
    21. FSLAR
      They're all TMs so it shouldn't be any problem, are you good now?
      also on the clone, can you reduce the EVs on it?
    22. FSLAR
      All right, I'd like to be a part of that if you could.
      can you also teach the Pokemon a few moves?
    23. ShinySuicune
      No problem. too be honest thats a really tough decision. Both Swampert +Gliscor will be problems due to gravity's effect(although yanmega is e-quake resist) I think you can run grass if somebody else in your team can handle gliscor/vice versa with swampert, although Raikou will outspeed both.
    24. FSLAR
      Can you clone two Pokemon for me tomorrow? You are allowed to keep a copy of both
      Oh yeah, am I technically a participant of "Battle Green" or whatever that thing is called? :p
    25. ~Leaf~
      hey do you wanna battle?
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    "Now that the Crow has brought the sky to the Cube, his combination attack is making mincemeat out of Akira. I hate to say it but looks like these rookies are roasting up some Behemoth for dinner"


    May 15, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Real Name:
    Michael Rein
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