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Oct 22, 2012
Dec 29, 2011
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  1. yee


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Oct 22, 2012
    1. Delko
      Hey, the new round just started so I'm having time again. If you want I can act as your full tutor now (i don't have 3 others this :) ).
    2. Delko
      Yeah it's almost done (sorry, I'm really busy as of late :/).
    3. Delko
    4. Delko
      Oh, I can't right now, I'm on my phone.
      But I'm almost done writing some kind of article which explains the basic stuff. This way, since we only have half a round left, you can let me know what you want to learn specifically. I'll have it done by tomorrow. ;)
    5. danilo
      I believe in u
    6. CrownEntei
      Hi :)
      I see you dont like RNG.
      I have a trade thread full of non-RNG Pokemon...
      Do you have good non-RNG Pokemon?
      Id like to trade some stuff then :)
    7. Delko
      Doesn't really matter but come to #Benelux.
    8. Delko
      Hi, your post was pretty sad. If you want I can help you built a quick team for the tutee tournament, and explain you the basics in a nutshell. Which is funny because Novaray is my own tutee ;)
    9. Nova
      Hey man, saw your post on the thread. Sorry about how you feel, if you want to battle sometime let me know. If not, that's fine too. Also, I do understand how bad it feels to be picked against but DW, everyone has to start somewhere and you will eventually get better.
    10. Nova
      want to play now?
    11. Nova
      How about 3 PM on Saturday?
    12. Nova
      Are you free this weekend?
    13. Nova
      Sure. What time zone are you? I am GMT -5
    14. yee
      Thanks for the update, I definitely understand I've had the same problem.
    15. yee
      In that case I SHOULD be able to meet you 3 PM-6 PM my time because on weekdays I'm almost always there. Lets try that exact window tommorow, I'll probably be a bit early.
    16. yee
      Im sorry I had to go :( just be consistently on and were bound to meet up!
    17. yee
      I'm posting this at 4:30 PM my time, I tend to be on from 3-11 on weekdays if need be and generally more on weekends. To be honest the problem is I never see you on IRC, I see you online fairly often but you never go on IRC after I've told you to. We can meet up instantly there.
    18. yee
      Hey there, please get on IRC so we talk / do tutoring.
    19. yee
      Hey man looks like we just missed meeting up again today, please go on IRC whenever you can it'll be the easiest way for us to get together.
    20. yee
      My schedule was, were both on now! Let's meet up on PO.
    21. Shiny Uxie
      Shiny Uxie
      No Problemo :]
    22. Shiny Uxie
      Shiny Uxie
      Okay, I'll wait in the wifi
    23. Shiny Uxie
      Shiny Uxie
      White FC: 2021-9897-9586
    24. Shiny Uxie
      Shiny Uxie
      We can trade now.
    25. DEZTROYA
      Love your avvy Hawk was one of my favorites to use in AW
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