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Aug 25, 2017
Jan 3, 2010
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August 9
    1. HBK
      Does being a lifeguard pay a lot ? Just curious.
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      2. yee
        Those sound/look awesome and easy to fit thanks for that and asking! Actually got "accepted" right away, lots of paperwork/tests before starting but only needed to say I'm good at cpr/prevention/swimming etc. to get to that point. catch is you may have to pay a few hundred to get certifications then paper still a deal
        Nov 6, 2013
      3. Pei Kong
        Pei Kong
        Why are you followed by the fucking Zarel.
        Mar 17, 2015
      4. Pei Kong
        Mar 17, 2015
    2. dbza_ssgoku
      Still waiting, yee. Check your inbox.
    3. Zaos
      Man, we have to play for the Ru Open. I'm on at 16:00 and 22:0 at GMT+1
    4. ShootingStarmie
      Hi there :]
      1. Spinda likes this.
    5. Shrew
      I just got on! With the name "Shrew."
    6. Shrew
      I'll be online for the next hour if you can contact me. If I don't see you online within the hour, are there any times tomorrow which you would like to play that's not between 8-11 PST? I can try to force it into my schedule, because Fri/Sat/Sun isn't the most ideal time for me to play.
    7. Shrew
      Hi, I'm your opponent in the UU open. My timezone is PST. I'm most available between 2pm and 6pm. I'm busy Friday and Saturday.
    8. TGMD
      No, cya in an hour and a quarter.
    9. Django
      sup I've been subbed in for Smurf. Whats a good time for you to play? Thursday or Friday night are probably best for me, I'm GMT +0 btw
    10. Honus
      yeah the sleep is definitely the "Broken" aspect of breloom, the fact that it's coupled with a pokemon as powerful as technician breloom is just ridiculous, i'd rather face kyurem b even, obviously you can play around any mon but i think breloom is pretty unforgiving in the same vein as land, since spore can be a real guessing game where you really can't mess up too much
    11. Smurf.
      any day after thursday is fine for me (exams til then)
    12. Super Mario Bro
      Super Mario Bro
      Hey, I'm out of school now, so maybe we can talk some time.
    13. Smurf.
      hey bro we're paired for wcop, when would you like to play? im GMT +10
    14. Lavos
      hey i went and looked and i think its more like 35 ft so i guess thats a nice tree

      come hike w/me sometime youre a good guy
    15. Harsha
      zoinks you really are shaggy lol
    16. DarkBlazeR
      Hi, when are you free to play for the mini tour? I'm GMT+0; my normal hours of availability are between 20:00-00:00, though I'm very flexible and can play at virtually any time if need be.
    17. dragonuser
      Wednesday at 8pm est should work
    18. dragonuser
      uhhh want to play now?
    19. BKC
      lol please finish that post in the debate thread cause i think i might be sick
    20. Vlisa
      Hey Yee, do you want to set up times for this week?
    21. dragonuser
      when do you want to play for superstars?
    22. CrashinBoomBang
      hey, could you send me a PM on IRC once you're up to battle? I'll be on as cbb for the next few hours.
    23. jpw234
      Thanks. I'm not totally clear on how the history of bans worked, but I thought that stuff like Garchomp and Blaziken showed that if an ability was banned we didn't let the pokemon in OU otherwise? I don't usually go on IRC but am happy to, what channel?
    24. Thundur
      your name makes a great celebratory phrase
    25. CrashinBoomBang
      Alright, I'd preferably battle Thursday evening (8 PM onwards) my time then.
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