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Mar 23, 2015 at 10:28 PM
Feb 10, 2011
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RNGenius, from Orre

is a Contributor to Smogon

Thanks guys. Mar 2, 2014

Hozu was last seen:
Mar 23, 2015 at 10:28 PM
    1. Diabolico
      Actually I'm available on Saturday anytime. So in the morning, noon, afternoon or night time would be fine. :)
    2. Diabolico
      Very Well.

      I can trade on saturday. If that's alright.
    3. Diabolico
    4. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      congrats, already lost track of whom was whom, considering my team was half-prepared for this.
    5. OVERGRO

      Aw man, thanks anyway. I VM'd Mantyke so I'll see what he thinks. I've got over 2500 downloads haha so I thought I was doing pretty well... if this doesn't get fixed I guess it means I'll have to start all over again.

      Thanks again. :)
    6. OVERGRO
    7. OVERGRO
      Can you help me troubleshoot my pokecheck please? Whenever I bring it up in the shoutbox I either get ignored or I get "wtf you have 300 public pokemon wtf"

      So basically I have over 300 public pokemon (just randoms I wanted to preserve). However, whenever I search @OVERGRO on the pokecheck search box I get only 16 pokemon. No matter which way I search it, only these 16 pokemon (who have multiple OTs from my various games) show up.

      I've tried unchecking and then rechecking off the "public" boxes and saving the public/private status. What else can I do? It's been like this for a few weeks :(
    8. Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell
      Oh, I thought I should mention that the Porygon is full-redis, not non-redis. Sorry about being late with that.
    9. Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell
      Pleasure doing business with you too. Hope we can trade again sometime!
    10. Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell
      Alright, I'm ready to trade when you are, drop a VM when you're going into the room please.
    11. Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell
      Alright, cool. We'll have to trade on Saturday though, as I'm no longer at my grandpa's house(which has WEP internet).

    12. Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell
      It would appear your friend code that you listed is incorrect, I cannot add it, I'm positive I added the numbers correctly, but no cigar.

      At any rate though, mine is 0219 1654 2909.

      EDIT:It would appear you told me to use your B1 friend code, however you said you wanted it in 4th gen in a following post. The above FC is for my Diamond. Do I add your SS FC instead?

      Also, I apologize if I screwed up with understanding the post if the above is not the case.
    13. DGX
    14. DGX
      wanna battle?
    15. Buckert
      Hi mate, that Shiny Manaphy, it's not that if I abuse that egg on my PT on which I have a shiny spread, that my Manaphy will be shiny, right? How does that work? ^^
    16. Eyedol
      Way to rip ass right in front of me, gassy. You're lucky I plan to keep this just between us.
    17. Eyedol
      You're the prettiest parasol lady I've ever seen.
    18. Murt
      Never mind I figured it out thanks a lot ^_^ I feel kinda stupid now :/
    19. Murt
      Could you explain that a little more please? :) I don't know how to use "hide" tags is it something I have to insert myself or click on? Thank you very much for the message btw :)
    20. TheMantyke
      why aren't you on irc :[
    21. lucariojr
      im telling you man chicks dig the plushes

      shes probably hiding her feelings ;)
    22. lucariojr
      im sorry in advance if she falls for me instead because of all my sexy pokemon dolls
    23. Eyedol
      Oh, I know what they are. It's you I'm unsure of...
    24. Eyedol
      TALK about their poop? I do recall being up close and personal with your colonic emissions on more than one occasion...
    25. Eyedol
      Why the intense interest in my bowel movements?
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