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Apr 17, 2015
Feb 10, 2011
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RNGenius, from Orre

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Thanks guys. Mar 2, 2014

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Apr 17, 2015
    1. Eyedol
      The way you grate cheese is pure poetry. I may have to compose a symphony to adequately convey just how amazing this is, or perhaps write a sonnet or two. This is the type of miracle from which folklore and legends are born. I'm in utter awe.
    2. Psiiionic
      Okay thanks just some friends needed help on clarifying the Calibration and stuff. But thanks alot :)
    3. Psiiionic
      Hey I am writing a 3rd gen RNG guide. May I have your permission to use the pics in your 3rd Gen PID guide in my guide please?
    4. Eyedol
      You'd better understand just how simple and intuitive certain things can be if you didn't have to ask Google to explain them to you. Oh, and <3...
    5. Eyedol
      But it's not nearly as weird as 3.25% milk. We call that "whole milk" in civilized countries.
    6. Eyedol
      Well, it IS weird.
    7. Aether Nexus
      Aether Nexus
      You should definitely get into it. When I was in my pre-teens I started playing. Back then they gave yous cheap starter decks and rulebooks to get use to the game. The game has changed drastically since then. Back in those days, they released 2 sets a year. I had the money and could afford a new deck here & there. But now they release 4 sets a year (3 every month!) and it gets too expensive. My last deck (and the last time I played competitively) was back in '08. Spent around $200 on my last deck and now it's way behind the modern sets. But it doesn't stop me from playing casual matches when I go to conventions and whatnot.

      It's a great game that involves a lot of strategy and it's super fun. I recommend you get into it. There are limitless possibilities. And you don't need too much money to construct a great deck. You can build a cheap and decent casual playing deck for $10-$50.

      ~ Aether Nexus
    8. religiousjedi
    9. Eyedol
      Man, are we hardcore or what? Who needs sleep when you can RNG all night? We should start a club, but I get to be president.
    10. Aether Nexus
      Aether Nexus
      Nice Avatar.

      ~ Aether Nexus
    11. Eyedol
      Indeed I shall. I may have a few other things too, but that remains to be seen... ;)
    12. Luxpluff91
      Okay, I got the Snorlax ready. Let me know when I can send you the file with the Snorlax on it.

      It goes without saying, but thank you for doing this! You can have Redis Rights on the Snorlax if you'd like to. (and in the unlikely event you need anything I have RNG'ed on that file, you're free to keep a clone as well)
    13. Luxpluff91
      Thanks for the offer Hozu, I'll gladly accept it :)
      I'll RNG the Snorlax when I have some free time, can I contact you again by then?
    14. Eyedol
      That's deep... I knew you had it in you! ^_^
    15. Eyedol
      Personally, I prefer my venison with a side of braised Tarkata. Toasty.
    16. darksoulSP
      Thanks Hozu! :)
    17. Dewey911p
      HA! Love those pictures so much. I want one of Melia and Fiora together, but my laptop can't run RNGr, let alone an emu :/

      So who is your current profile pic of? (and believe it or not, I only just now logged in and noticed the message you sent like a month ago :p)
    18. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      Hmm, been reading your awesome thread and its rules (sorry for the flattery xD)...
      White & White 2 isn't mentioned on your retail collection, so it means you don't have them?
    19. Psiiionic
      Oh that is okay, I will keep this one okay :)
    20. Luxpluff91
      Thank you for the answer :)
    21. Psiiionic
      Yeah thanks alot much appreciated :) I can trade with you after tommorrow as I forgot my DS home kk.
    22. Buckert
      But I checked which Timer0 I got, using the Find Parameters menu. Filled in all the info I got, checked the IV's and it said I had the right Timer0. O_O
    23. Buckert
      Yoo dude, do you think you can help me with BW2 RNG abuse? ^^
    24. Eyedol
      What's this nonsense about ME figuring out a way to receive the cake? You're nothing if not resourceful, my friend. I can however point you in the right direction, but the actual transportation process is solely in your hands. The first thing you'll need to do is find a sturdy pair of rollerblades. Once you've acquired those, the next step is to fashion some sort of head support apparatus and work on your balance for a few days prior to your journey. Perhaps you could reach out to an Indonesian fruit merchant to assist you with this part. Then, simply place the completed kitten cake atop your head and let the fun begin!

      Oh, and here's the picture you requested. I know you offered me a great deal money for this, but upon safe receipt of the cake I'll go ahead and consider it a fair trade.

    25. Eyedol
      I suppose I could if you really wanted me to, but I'd need some incentive. For example:

      You: I'll bake you a cake if you post more. I'll then use my supreme sculpting prowess to fashion a kitten made entirely out of frosting to grace the top tier of my culinary masterpiece. You'll be so in awe that you'll have no choice but to post, because anyone who bakes you a cake of this magnitude is someone you can't readily refuse.

      Me: *sigh* Can it be cherry chip or Funfetti at least?

      You'd better get to baking then...
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    "People can be whatever they want on the Internet. I wonder why so many of them choose to be stupid."
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