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Nov 21, 2017 at 11:43 PM
Feb 10, 2011
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RNGenius, from Orre

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Thanks guys. Mar 2, 2014

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Nov 21, 2017 at 11:43 PM
    1. Psiiionic
      Oh that is okay, I will keep this one okay :)
    2. Luxpluff91
      Thank you for the answer :)
    3. Psiiionic
      Yeah thanks alot much appreciated :) I can trade with you after tommorrow as I forgot my DS home kk.
    4. Buckert
      But I checked which Timer0 I got, using the Find Parameters menu. Filled in all the info I got, checked the IV's and it said I had the right Timer0. O_O
    5. Buckert
      Yoo dude, do you think you can help me with BW2 RNG abuse? ^^
    6. Eyedol
      What's this nonsense about ME figuring out a way to receive the cake? You're nothing if not resourceful, my friend. I can however point you in the right direction, but the actual transportation process is solely in your hands. The first thing you'll need to do is find a sturdy pair of rollerblades. Once you've acquired those, the next step is to fashion some sort of head support apparatus and work on your balance for a few days prior to your journey. Perhaps you could reach out to an Indonesian fruit merchant to assist you with this part. Then, simply place the completed kitten cake atop your head and let the fun begin!

      Oh, and here's the picture you requested. I know you offered me a great deal money for this, but upon safe receipt of the cake I'll go ahead and consider it a fair trade.

    7. Eyedol
      I suppose I could if you really wanted me to, but I'd need some incentive. For example:

      You: I'll bake you a cake if you post more. I'll then use my supreme sculpting prowess to fashion a kitten made entirely out of frosting to grace the top tier of my culinary masterpiece. You'll be so in awe that you'll have no choice but to post, because anyone who bakes you a cake of this magnitude is someone you can't readily refuse.

      Me: *sigh* Can it be cherry chip or Funfetti at least?

      You'd better get to baking then...
    8. Vampcakes
      Thank you :D
    9. Vampcakes
      Can I join Pokecheck Fans?
    10. CodeBreaker
    11. CodeBreaker
      Hozu, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get that "Hope I'm not interrupting..." under your name?
    12. Psiiionic
      Figured out what I was doing wrong with the Tornadus, was suppose to Mash A as soon as I left the house not when I saw the exclamation mark... dumb mistake but yeah I ID abused so should have my shiny Roamer when I try to capture it this time. Thanks for the help in IRC.
    13. CodeBreaker
      OK. Thanks again then!
    14. CodeBreaker
      All right, I hoped you'd have some use for them.
      OK then, thanks a lot again.
    15. CodeBreaker
      OK, one last request.
      Please delete them from your Pokecheck account.
    16. CodeBreaker
      So, now for the payment.
      What do you need/want?
    17. CodeBreaker
    18. CodeBreaker
      I guess....
    19. CodeBreaker
      Thanks so much!
    20. Hozu
      Right. I'm just finishing up transferring the Snorlax w/ SelfDestruct. Had to find one of my old XD save files that still had the tutor available...

      I'll include the Emerald save w/ SD Snorlax in the .zip so you have it in 3rd gen as well.
    21. CodeBreaker
      When done, please PM me the link.
    22. CodeBreaker
      Yes, sir!
      Please do that!
    23. CodeBreaker
      So you will do it?
    24. CodeBreaker
      Like I said, 25 mins around....
    25. CodeBreaker
      Actually, you have to Pal Park the whole Box.
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