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Jan 21, 2017 at 2:13 AM
Feb 10, 2011
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RNGenius, from Orre

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Thanks guys. Mar 2, 2014

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    1. hockeyguy605
      Hey. Would you feel like teaching me 4th Gen RNG abuse? I tried to get someone else earlier and they said they'd do it, but they haven't responded in like 40+ minutes.
    2. ShinySuicune
      thank you to!
    3. ShinySuicune
      Ight. I'll be on too.
    4. ShinySuicune
    5. ShinySuicune
      Yes that is it. you free now?
    6. Auron87
      I've been looking for such a Mew for a while, so thank you.
    7. Auron87
      I got it now, I'll add you to my pal pad and we can trade.

      Edit: after our trade I'll wait on wifi for you to return with the original.
    8. Auron87
      I am about to receive the Volca, but wifi seems to be annoying me.
    9. Auron87
      Can I get the Timid Mew instead of the Axew for the Volcarona?
    10. hockeyguy605
      Thanks a lot. Now I can finally learn how to RNG in 4th Gen.
    11. hockeyguy605
      I mean't like nickname it Jirachi instead of JIRACHI. If you can't do that because it's an event, then it's cool. I've never tried to nickname an event Pokemon, so I didn't know it wouldn't let you.

      Just tell me when you're in the room. Thanks.
    12. hockeyguy605
    13. hockeyguy605
      I thought you could rename the Jirachi so it isn't all caps. If you can't, then it's no big deal. If you can however, could you please do that?
    14. hockeyguy605
      Going in now.
    15. hockeyguy605
      5th Gen first.
    16. Auron87
      Sorry, I have to get the UT version from my trade partner (forgot I traded my UT version - I do have the EV'd version tho) + I haven't added you yet. And I thought your previous VM came from PI-Dimension.
    17. Auron87
      I thought you were going to host, sorry. It isn't willing to work.
    18. hockeyguy605
      No that's ok. I'm just about done cloning it.

    19. hockeyguy605
      Ok. I need to clone it anyway. Thanks a bunch.
    20. hockeyguy605
      I'm ready to trade whenever you are.
    21. Hozu
      Yeah I have pokerus on 4th gen (got it myself by the 3rd town in Platinum :D). I'll look over your thread again in a minute or two while I pass it on to some random poke.
    22. Auron87
      Let me register you and I'll get the Volca.

      Edit: I have to get the UT version from my trade partner.
    23. hockeyguy605
      Do you have anything with Pokerus on 4th Gen? I'll give you another Pokemon for it.
    24. Hozu
      I know what you mean. I don't really intend on trading them since I didn't list them in my trade thread. You're saying I can't even list them there? Huh... Well I was sorta looking for a reason to RNG a shiny Ho-oh so I'd be able to use that spread for the Rayquaza as well. Maybe I'll have to look into doing that for Platinum as well. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll remove them.
    25. Buckert
      Sup dude, I just took a look at that spreadsheet you've listed on google, and 3 mons caught my eyes. It's about your HP Fire and HP Fighting Shiny Cresselia, and your Shiny Rayquaza. I hate to say it, but changing your ID/SID combo to get the right combo for a perfect Shiny spread, is closely related to hacking.. Pokémon with altered ID/SID combo's aren't allowed here on Smogon. GeoHulk was banned for this.

      I just want to warn you, I think I can trust you, so I don't want to see your ass on the Blacklist. My advice is, release those 3 Pokémon, and abuse 2/3 new ID/SID combo's and capture them again.
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