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Mar 11, 2012
Jan 17, 2012
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Rehoboth Beach, DE
    1. PoJ
      Ok, well, I'm online now and it's Wednesday evening, so let me know if you're online and ready :)
    2. CalzoneCannon
      You might want to check the match ups...
    3. PoJ
      I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I might be able to have the match tonight like we originally planned, but if not, Wednesday or Thursday works too!
    4. CalzoneCannon
      Its no big deal, but yeah I will try and open up tuesday
    5. PoJ
      Well it depends on your time zone, because Tuesday evening might be different for us. I'm GMT -5. But if we're the same time zone, then Tuesday evening is bad for me since I have school the next day :/
    6. Bartman101
      Tue 21, Wed 22, Thu 23 (maybe Mon 20 and Fri 24)- 5:00-8:30pm GMT
      Sat 25- 2:00-2:45pm, 5:30-7:00pm
      Sun 26- Not too sure about early afternoon, but 5:00-8:30pm GMT
    7. CalzoneCannon
      Ok well I am usually not on the computer after 9 during the weekdays and am at school until 2 and get home around 2:30.
    8. Bartman101
    9. TheChortler
      Hi! Would you be interested in joining Team Rocket Corporation? We'd love to have you!
    10. CalzoneCannon
      Ok, how does anywhere from 11 to 5 do? I don't know a specific time but I'm in the same zone and I should be on the computer at those times.
    11. CalzoneCannon
      Can you tell me your schedule from this afternoon until Sunday? That way we can set up a time to pla
    12. CalzoneCannon
      Why do you need to transfer? It is on PO.
    13. CalzoneCannon
      Sorry about your condition. But yeah I completely understand and will play you when you are ready.
    14. araluen7
      Hey man, I really hate to do this, but I'm going to have to drop out of the tourny...I'm sorry about that, a bunch of stuff came up. I'm notifying everyone else too, but thought you should know first
    15. IanLohr
      Sounds good. I actually think I will be ready by tomorrow evening. Would you like to try for then? If so I am in the Eastern TZ, and pretty much anytime should be okay. Let me know.
    16. CalzoneCannon
      I will try Wed. because I have to practice with my VGC team IRL with some friends on Thurs.
    17. CalzoneCannon
      When will you be on? I have finished my team
    18. IanLohr
      Yupper sounds good. I have a few things to get in order aswell, but for the most part I'm available almost any time as I work from home. I will also send you my FC as I'm not sure if I'll be using my Black or White Version.
    19. araluen7
      Looks like its me and you for the first round in the UU. 0347 2968 2273 This is my White Friend Code, I need to get a couple of my Pokemon back from my friend, and then we could battle, but get back to me whenever you are available. May the best man win :)
    20. badabing
      nigga you sign up before each tour starts. be in the forum at the time scheduled and type "in" really fast when they post signups.
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