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Nov 7, 2011
May 22, 2010
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    1. V4Victini
      Could you clone the pokemon so I can distribute the rest? The other distributors arent really available with school and all.
    2. Crimsonblade911
      Then could you possibly find me another frame with what info ive provided so far. Because i keep trying for the calm sigi, but whenever im supposed to get it with the synchronize on, its a maractus with a random IV spread. Sorry for the trouble :/
    3. Crimsonblade911
      OMG wait a second! Could it be because in the Time Finder window in the capture tab i never put my sync nature all the way to the right of the screen??? Is that why my target frame keeps transforming when the synch kicks in?

      Also i dont have keypresses and i checked the adjacent seeds, its not even a possible IV match so it just kinda appears there. Also its not on the main window either. its far before the calculated starting frame and far beyond it.
    4. Crimsonblade911
      Ah ok. But now i have a problem. Whenever IM SURE that i hit the seed and frame for the calm sigilyph which coincidentaly says it can be synchronized, the pokemon changes to maractus! GRRRR
    5. Crimsonblade911
      I just did NO chatot calls and got the calm sigi again. so either my starting frame is 53 not 52 or i was a bit slow on this try.
    6. Crimsonblade911
      No the calm sigi was the third call. I think that one i did it really fast so i wasnt interrupted by ANY NPCs
    7. Crimsonblade911

      -LV 20 (encounter slot 5)
      -Magic Guard (ability 1)
      -Calm Nature
      -Ivs Correct (31/2/31/31/31/31) Hit my Seed

      This was 3 chatot cries. Im assuming i had no NPC interference this time. And im also guessing that my starting frame was 52. I think its this because when i did the first chatot call i got Encounter slot 3/serious darumaka. I may have been a little slow which explains for the Naive nature frame being skipped (NPC interference maybe?)

      What do you think?
    8. Crimsonblade911
      OKay this pokemon was with 2 chatot cries:

      -LV 20 (encounter slot 2)
      -Moxie (ability 1)
      -Serious Nature
      -IVS Correct (31/2/31/31/31/31) Hit my seed

      Now the reason i think its 3 frames away from the last Pokemon is because of the NPCs. I hope the next one im a little bit faster at the start up. this seed is good though because its frame 1 and i dont have any keypresses.

      Im going to do the 3rd pokemon now. Ill let you know soon
    9. Crimsonblade911
      Okay, Im going to choose this seed because the other seed timer0 was screwing me. everytime i encounter a sigilyph the timer0 shifts.

      The new seed is: 19C3CBB04422D56F
      One Chatot call No synch capture =
      -LV 20 (encounter slot 3)
      -Hustle (ability 0)
      -Serious Nature
      -IVs Correct (31/2/31/31/31/31) Hit my seed

      Im going to do 2 more.
      2 cries
      then 3 cries. ill let you know when i have 'em done
    10. Crimsonblade911
    11. Crimsonblade911
      Okay for the sake of accuracy, you know "measure twice, cut once" ill do another non synch capture. *sigh* RNGing is so difficult to grasp at first
    12. Crimsonblade911
      So my closest frame that CAN be synched is frame 1569?
    13. Crimsonblade911
      Okay so now my only result close to frame 46 is frame 68. Its"
      - modest,
      - encounter slot 0
      - F 50%
      What do i do with that?
    14. Crimsonblade911
      So can it actually be the frame below the reporter calculated frame? Or does it always have to be higher. Because frame 68 isnt bold, so i cant synchronize it right?

      im sorry if im annoying you, im still a little bit lost. i see frames 39 and 68, (both close to the 46-the caluclated frame) but i have no idea what they mean or what to do with them.
      How does that help me get my timid female sigi?
    15. Crimsonblade911
      Okay I see the first 2 results have F on the 50% column. (also was i supposed to calculate starting frame on that last step? because i didnt. the first two frames i see are: 39 and 68)
    16. Crimsonblade911
      Okay, so i forgot the adamant nature poke's details. So i redid it. This time i:
      - hit my seed,
      -did not use a synchronize pokemon either.
      -and i did 2 chatot calls.

      This got me:

      Sandile LV 19
      Ability 0
      IVS: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    17. Crimsonblade911
      BTW whats an encounter slot? i have no idea what it means
    18. Crimsonblade911
      Well i was saying that i couldnt see the adamant nature pokemon that i caught after one chatot cry. Im kind of lost. It says a synchronizable timid is on frame 107 then 149. what do i do now?
    19. Crimsonblade911
      Woah it says 400+ frame and i dont see the adamant nature.

      what i did was put encounter slot 5, and then hit ability 1 and then hit generate. was the right?
    20. Crimsonblade911
      Okay, I assumed i needed to aim for the timid nature way down there because it was the closest one to my starting frame (46).

      My capture after one chatot cry was adamant darumaka. So I assume that its frame 57. Now what?
    21. Crimsonblade911
      BTW i think my timer0 is screwing me. Because im hitting my seed. except whenever i do 4 chatot cries and my sigilyph comes up timid female, its always a different timer0. but when i do any other amount of chatot cries its the flawless spread im looking for
    22. Crimsonblade911
      Awesome! So is my official starting frame 46? and by the results does that mean i need to get to 64 for my timid pokemon? (also i have a syncher in my party)
    23. Crimsonblade911
      The seed is: FC4AA3AC0897860C
    24. Crimsonblade911
      I'm trying to RNG a flawless sigilyph. its only found in desert and i find RNG breeding shiny pokemon easier than regular (simply becuz idk how to RNG breed non shiny pokemon) But i dont want to go through all the trouble of breeding a shiny one just to do it all over again later in my chain breeding. so im trying to RNG one in the desert resort area.

      I removed the sandstorm and i can consistently hit my seed. The only problem is i hardly ever find sigilyph and when i do its male, when i need it to be female.
      there are a bunch of NPCs in the area but so far its fairly consistent what i find with 1 step, 2 step etc etc.
      Also my beginning frame nets me the desired IV spread when i hit my seed

      Can you help me find a method of RNGing a FEMALE Sigilyph. (the
      sandstorm is no longer a factor so i CAN use sweet scent.)
      Also my target frame for my seed is 1, so i dont need to worry about any advancements on that part.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    25. Crimsonblade911
      Hey, I need a hand with something. Please get back to me when you can. Thanks :)
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