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Oct 18, 2013
Nov 24, 2007
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    1. Umbreon Dan
      Umbreon Dan
      ivar! remember me? are you still in toronto? please see this soon :(
    2. blarajan
      I only posted it there because it was my thoughts on the original thread--regarding how comfortable you are with your "nerdy" interests and what not. Thanks for the criticisms, though.
    3. Fishy
      your username used to be "DaBossMan"

    4. Mountain Dewgong
      Mountain Dewgong
      yo yo yo,

      Could you check out my post in the fitness thread.

      Thanks man
    5. Umbreon Dan
      Umbreon Dan
      great passions thread evan
    6. Ivysaur
      "I guess you could say we got our smog on up there" hahahha
    7. jumpluff
      well i for one am really glad that firebot and congregation were merged into this gem. pretty much all that accomplished was getting rid of congregation<-- word, at least nobody touches the IR threads
    8. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      whats the major promotion
    9. Morm
      if my bullshit dweeb talk is too intense for you at this level, I can always make you some flash cards
    10. Morm
      Well we can always hit up a restaurant, I'm at like 592 Sherbourne in Toronto. Somewhere close to there!
    11. Morm
      how old are you? Ala and I would like a pub when I visit Toronto but maybe we need to hit up a place where you can get a happy meal? It's cool no matter what- I love their cheeseburgers.
    12. Morm
      ivar I would like to hug you for saying you'd like to choke fishy, even if you're into some fucked up shit.
    13. cantab
      Taking this out of thread.

      "Utilitarianism is the moral theory that ascribes moral value according to the moral value of a calculated outcome. If action A saves 100 lives, it is better than action B, which saves 99 lives--regardless of the means of achieving action A. The ends of an action are favoured."

      Would I be correct in thinking that to properly compare A and B in utilitarianism, you are going to have to consider ALL the ends of actions A and action B?

      For example, suppose action A is saving 100 lives by jailing a million people. Action B is saving 99 lives by jailing 1 person. In comparing the outcome of the two events, you can't just consider the lives saved and ignore the people jailed. The number jailed is as much an "end" as the number saved.

      Correct, or incorrect?
    14. Morm
      HEY you fucked up your last reply. I AM TRYING TO BE YOUR FRIEND OKAY
    15. ivar
      i'm in university right now, ain't no (BAN ME PLEASE) here
    16. Morm
    17. Morm
      Hello my friend, still readin my blog?
    18. Morm
      I wonder if they will follow through with the fireban after mekkahs hilarity
    19. Zach
      dabossman has one name change left

      use it wisely ;(
    20. Blightbringer
    21. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      Your new name is entirely inferior.
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    neither dick nor frog nor boss nor god, just ivar


    recovering at name change rehab
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