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  • Hey, you won a Mandibuzz in the POTW giveaway on Facebook! Let me know what your FC / In game name is and when you're available to trade. My FC is 0259 - 0773 - 7016, and I'm usually on in the afternoons EST.
    Hey! Pop isn't usually the type of music that's discussed in the music thread, so I decided to just VM you, but I checked out Ariana's music and I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Turn Me On. I left a comment on the video complimenting her voice and I've been looping it for a few hours. It's great. :)
    I knew exactly what you were referring to actually! I thought it was a very funny visitor message. Thanks, it made me chuckle.

    I finally decided to change my name and what better name to change it to than of arguably one of the best MtG cards printed of all time.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! The funny thing about my baton pass team, is that it isn't typical from ones you see. I utilize almost pure defensive boosts to give me an edge.

    Anyway, I'll defiantly let you know when I'm online.
    Hey! Team Plasma is recruiting people and you have been picked! Once Team Plasma gets more active will have give aways tournaments and all kinds of other contest! Im currently looking for Admins and executives etc. If your interested join up! ^_^

    Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaos

    If you want to play 5th gen. You need to download Pokemon-Online...Btw, join our Puerto Rican group...is on my page...
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