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Aug 31, 2012
Mar 27, 2010
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    1. HardCore
      hey how's it going I made reqs
    2. Jenica
      Ah okay. I'll ask the mods if I'm allowed to post an RMT tomorrow. I'm going to see what today's Shoddy Tourney is and I might enter.
    3. duke3528
      I dont know I tried to challenge you to see if that screen would not glitch but no bueno dunno i really want to see how the team plays out to maybe another day
    4. duke3528
      i dont know why shoddy is running so slow for me but you should be able to do a rmt here in about a day or so according to your last rmt
    5. Jenica
      LOL! I just swept with Electivire with 4% left! I love him now!
      My team so far: Azelf, Porygon2, Celebi, Heatran, Gyarados, Electivire.
    6. Jenica
      I also want to use Magmortar because he looks so freakin' baws, but I dunno...Electivire can do what he does, but better...
    7. Jenica
      Yeah I think I'll be on tomorrow, though I might be busy so...
      Well, I have an idea using Gyarados/Vaporeon, Electivire, Celebi, and Heatran as the 4 "primary" elements (or something like that...I just thought of GyaraVire and CeleTran on the same team). If you can help me pick two more pokemon, I can test it out now.
    8. duke3528
      im actually at work until 4 am you gonna be on tommorrow night? if so pm what time and ill meet up with ya and see what i cant do to help out im duke2222 on shoddy
    9. Jenica
      Um...I really don't know, actually. I need to find one I like. I'm on shoddy right now if you want to talk in-game. It might be better.
    10. duke3528
      thanks for the rate. what pokemon you thinkin about building a team around???
    11. Jenica
      Hey duke. How are ya doin'? I'm doing alright, though I'm still working on my team. I'm about to go random and pick a poke to build a team around lol (I'm so horrible with decisions! ><). If you need anything rated, just give me a link.
    12. duke3528
      Hey jen just tthought I would drop in and say hey.
    13. Jenica
      Nice to meet ya Leon. I'm used to people calling me Jen since I used to play WoW for about 5 years with a character named Jenica...so call me Jen. xP
    14. Lucalibur
      dont worry about it, everyone complain with me being a jerk once in a while, either way just call me Leon...because its my name and its how i want friends to call me.
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