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Last Activity:
Feb 19, 2014
Jan 9, 2010
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from 'Pinas

jErry07 was last seen:
Feb 19, 2014
    1. Nickscor
      Only T&T, currently on Case 5 of AA (The first game)
    2. Horndrill11
      will ev traine if you still need dem
    3. Celtic5
      hey! yea i'm guessing ur pinoy too?? haha
    4. FriDanny
      Thank you for once again participating in my recent giveaway. I have just recently finished some previous BPs and will be working on the ones from the giveaway now. If you have not VM or PM'ed me the details of your pokemon, please do.

      Thanks again, FriDanny
    5. _Nape95
      dude, i got my brothers ds, so i could trade
    6. Vincento341
      Can you do the levelling up now? It's quite urgent
    7. Metalex
      I got the Calm Celebi from Bakus...If you want I can check your thread to see if I like anything for it ^^
    8. Umbreon91
      I'm not able to clone, can you get it cloned in the Simple Questions Simple Answer thread?
    9. Vincento341
      OK sure, one credit.
    10. Umbreon91
      Which FC shall I use?
    11. Umbreon91
      1, and if you don't mind I'll use it now: I want that Shiny Squirtle with Yawn.
    12. Vincento341
    13. Vincento341
      Sweet! Can i meet you in wifi now?
    14. Umbreon91
      Wanna trade now?
    15. Umbreon91
      Sorry for the delay, yesterday my pc got broken. I finished the Infernape breeding two days ago. I'll be able to trade as soon as we meet online.
    16. Alexa888
      no problem :)
    17. Frawg
      I'll take a look.
    18. Umbreon91
      One per day per person. It only takes 30 min-1 hour, but I'm usually busy with other things, thus the limitation.
    19. Umbreon91
      Are the BP you want those in your thread? (these)
    20. Umbreon91
      Sure, but I think I should give Duy the priority. You can start giving me the details, I'll finish both within the next few hours in any case.
    21. Metalex
      Hehe yea no problem I can clone for you ;), Ive wanted the Calm one for the Uber lead set but I couldn't pass up on the Timid one since there were 2 left when I posted for it ^^.
    22. Metalex
      Hey Jerry, When you recieve it, would you like to trade a copy of your Calm Celebi for a copy of my Timid Celebi from Linkino's giveaway? =D
    23. sichi
      panu mo na gawa na MB, at amp di na pede mag DL ng rom sa romulation tinry ko
    24. sichi
      ui jerry so anu.. anung file size ng sav.file mo sa platinum sa r4 mo?
    25. jirachii
      sorry i know what you thinking if i would you i think same. But please try to understand i was admitted in hospital since friday night because of my injury and i was discharge on monday night and on that night my first work is to give your pokemon back i don't want pokemon in return this was the biggest burden in mind right now i log in this site today moring but unable to VM you because of weakness. Please beleive me one more time i am not trying to stole your pokemon. This message i sent you from my mobile from hospital. GOOD DAY
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