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Apr 19, 2014 at 7:36 PM
Jul 24, 2010
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May 5, 1991 (Age: 22)


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!, 22, from Canada

I'm fine just been doing a lot of random things. I still stream every Friday at 5:00pm EST with TheMantyke, DHR and usually my friend Alex. Nov 6, 2013

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Apr 19, 2014 at 7:36 PM
    1. Karxrida
    2. Karxrida
    3. TheMantyke
      I might be late to the stream. I need to take my car in to have the battery looked at and it may take a while.
    4. Karxrida
      Verlisify's recommended Mega Blastoise set is Yawn, Aqua Ring, Water Pulse, and Iron Defense. XD
    5. Karxrida
      You need to PM me what you wrote down. I wanna see it.
    6. Hauru
      Hello. I'm a Japanese Pokemon trainer. I have an egg(PSV:2106). Would you mind helping to hatch the egg? I'm sorry for my poor English.

      FC:1478-4230-1162 TN:はうる(Hauru)
    7. Thatguyred
      Hey, found out about you from prontjon. I'm kinda upset that I did, because I was looking forward to a small group of friends as in love with pokemon competitively as I am. None the less, hope we're able to battle sometime.
    8. Seth Vilo
      Seth Vilo
      Hi again Jimera0!
      Reading about OU, I just wanted to say it's nice seeing you again in the OU suspect thread. As usual, you're a light into the yuck that those threads tend to become...
    9. FruitsPunchSamurai
      hey, i'd like to exchange friend codes; my code is 1864 - 9769 - 0536, thanks man!-
    10. Hulavuta
      I got the password and permission for the art so all we need to do is finish up that OP and we're ready to go, haha. Will you be on tomorrow to finish it up? I'll be available around like 5:30 or so.
      1. Jimera0
        You need to start contacting via conversation so I get an email notifying me lol. You should write up a draft in the meantime then I can go over it later.
        Dec 3, 2013
      2. Hulavuta
        Lol, alright. Should have one in tomorrow but I'm super busy this week @_@

        Also, you should follow me so you can see when I'm on, pretty useful since I'm generally on IRC when I'm available too.
        Dec 3, 2013
    11. MithrandirBG
      Look, I know that we don't know each other, but, can you add my Friend Code??
      it's 5086-2047-0566. Pokémons: Nosepess, Onix, Ryhorn! I really what your FC's pokemons.
      Where are you from??? I from Brazil (-3)
      Sorry for my English, if I wrote something wrong.
      1. Jimera0
        Dec 1, 2013
    12. Hulavuta
      Hey Jim, I went ahead and talked to Jellicent about you-know-what and we got the ok, so if you are still interested in doing it, we can discuss it on IRC sometime this week.
      1. Hulavuta
        I know you can see this >:[
        Nov 21, 2013
      2. Jimera0
        Sorry lol I've just been doing other things. tbh I don't really want to have the responsibility of managing a new topic, but I'll help you decide how to set it up. We can talk more on tomorrow eh?
        Nov 21, 2013
      3. Hulavuta
        Sure, that's fine for me! I don't want to force you to do anything, I just thought you wanted to. But yeah, whatever you can help with is appreciated. See you tomorrow!
        Nov 21, 2013
    13. PhoenixClaw
      Thanks a lot!
      1. Jimera0
        No problem!
        Nov 19, 2013
    14. Recec
      Won't be at the stream this or next week, so don't let anyone die, because I won't be there to be the only one to care. I also updated my scramble recently, and I thought I should let my number 1 (/only?) fan know. P.S. I hate Traditional.
    15. Jimera0
      I'm fine just been doing a lot of random things. I still stream every Friday at 5:00pm EST with TheMantyke, DHR and usually my friend Alex.
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      2. King Serperior
        King Serperior
        By the way, if you have X/Y, would you like to exchange codes?
        Here's mine if its a yes: 0404-6865-7963
        Nov 6, 2013
      3. Jimera0
        Of course! Mine is 2294-4290-8293
        Nov 6, 2013
      4. King Serperior
        King Serperior
        Added. Looks like you are Water with Octilliry, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl. You actually have three mons I've been looking for :P
        Nov 6, 2013
    16. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      JIMERA! Long time no see. How's things, my friend? Haven't seen you on recently, until now anyway.
    17. StallMandibuzz
      Wassup~ <3 it's been forever since I've been up in this house. Dang. :O So how have ya been anyways? :3
    18. ace combat
      ace combat
      Yes I am Ace Combat with meditate, riolu and sawk, if you want to add me my FC is 2552 1634 5898, just message me back that you added me and message me your FC
    19. Deinosaur
      I love your CT, I don't think many other people get it, though.
    20. Stellar
      This is a reminder that the Round 1 of the XY giveaway contest ends tomorrow.
    21. Shiruba
      what's up with your avatar? i've been curious for the longest time.
    22. TheMantyke
      IRC is derping out at the moment, but I'll try to get on and get on the hangout !_!
    23. NixHex
      Really enjoying your posts in the Toxicity / GS threads. Good to see level-headed people stepping up.
    24. Hulavuta
    25. TheMantyke
      <celeverr> .tell Jimera0 Make your title "for my Enemy??????????????????????????????????????" would be awesome
      <skybot> celeverr: I'll pass that along.
      <cbt> celeverr
      <+Jimera0> I see that lol
      <cbt> you dont need to use .tell
      <cbt> all the time
      <celeverr> I thouoght you had gone
      <celeverr> stfu cbt no one cares
      <+Jimera0> I dunno I'll do it but only if TheMantyke doesn't want it

      Be my guest !_!
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    Credits for avatar go to my friend Seraphinu!
    My Scramble Challanges: Found here
    The Orange League! Round 4 is a Pokeathalon challenge! Newcomers welcome!
    Need help learning how to battle or getting into the Smogon community? Use the Mentorship Program!
    Pokemon Y FC: 2294-4290-8293 IGN: Jimera


    May 5, 1991 (Age: 22)
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