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Last Activity:
Jul 4, 2015
Feb 18, 2007
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Jonathan was last seen:
Jul 4, 2015
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Super Mario Bro
      Super Mario Bro
      Yea I know what you mean. Though, it hasn't been easy for me to do well with UU and lower pokes in OU anymore, except for Amoonguss, Nidoqueen, and Roserade and a few other splashable defensive pivots I guess. Last gen, my best team was based around a Cradily sweep, but sadly those types of teams aren't viable anymore.

      We should chat sometime! Do you go on Showdown?
    3. Super Mario Bro
      Super Mario Bro
      I did well in the suspect test with a rain semi-stall team, but my team is nothing like yours. Now, I mainly play UU -- hail stall, specifically. I always try to do well with underdog playstyles, and if I'm playing with a mainstream sort of team, I always add my own creative twist. That's why I like your team and find it very memorable -- it's both creative and effective.
    4. Super Mario Bro
      Super Mario Bro
      Hi Jonathan, do you still play OU? I miss your goofy Sharpedo rain stall team.
    5. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    6. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      Happy Birthday!!!
    7. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    8. faint
      1 year closer to death
    9. KokoaKiwi
      Actually, your post caught my eye. When I get my english white I'll totally try it out, since my japanese aint that good. I can only read basic stuff in my black! D:
      >_> And I'd really like to use those power ups, especially for fast egg hatch and cheaper stuff.
    10. yee
      Hello.. looks like your trade thread hasn't been used for a really long time so I thought I should give you a heads up I posted if youre still into trading.
    11. Red G
      Red G
      Great log you posted there. Gave me an urge to try using lanturn on a team.
    12. Lanturn314
      Yeah, it's definitely sad. I miss having it be the only fully-evolved water/electric type!! Let's hope Rotom-W goes OU so that Lanturn will at least be effective in UU :)
    13. Lanturn314
      Wow, that Lanturn sweep was amazing!!! It makes me happy to see my favorite Pokemon used so masterfully ^_^
    14. Lunanight
      *looks at the lanturn sweep*

      Mind = Blown
    15. SupremeDirt
      Awesome, someone playing Lanturn the right way. That's a seriously great match.
    16. tawp64
      Happy Birthday!
    17. Christian
      No problem man. I'm glad you liked them
    18. FriDanny
      You're welcome and enjoy :) Be sure to thank Christian for making them fully redis.
    19. FriDanny
      Okay, see you on with my Diamond
    20. FriDanny
      I can trade after JRT. Please give me about 10 min as I have to level a pokemon up :)
    21. Ran 22
      Ran 22
      Ok. Can you nn it "Sirena", please? And no my chimchar is not redis
    22. Hoff
      Thanks for the Chinchou
    23. Ed Hardy
      Ed Hardy
      sorry, i ve just seen it, i will be on when you vm me back =)
    24. Ed Hardy
      Ed Hardy
      i am now on :)
    25. Ed Hardy
      Ed Hardy
      yeah i am free for now
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