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Feb 26, 2017
Jun 23, 2008
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Feb 26, 2017
    1. tblakey89
      My IM address is tomblakey89@hotmail.com, thats probs the best way for us to contact each other, otherwise we are just going to keep on missing each other.
    2. tblakey89
      Are u free to play today?
    3. tblakey89
      That works fine with me, just give me a message when your online or alternatively you might be able to find me on skarmbliss server of PO under the name of Captain_CM
    4. tblakey89
      Hi, I am playing you in Smogon's VGC tourny, when do u want to play. I am on the British Summer Timezone (GMT+1)
    5. andrea
      I see from Ditto that you don't need anything til at least Nats LCQ. My internet is all screwed up with a virus atm so I'll have to find you later =X Sorry!!!!!!!
    6. Ditto
      Sure. A few things I would like to know.

      [1] Who recommended you contact me?
      [2] Which VGC are you going to?
      [3] Eved or UT?
      [4] Any nicknames?
    7. andrea
      I won't be home til 10 PM Eastern US time so let me know if that works =X
    8. andrea
      Yeah I can trade those to you tomorrow! Just lmk what you'd like me to nickname Hitmontop for you! =)
    9. andrea
      Oh sorry! I thought I replied haha- are those the ones you definitely need for your team? I just prefer to do as few trades as possible =P But yeah you can just have them.
    10. andrea
      Is Groudon the only thing you need? Everything is free to you for VGCs. I do this all the time =P

      Ahhh please don't bump my thread again =X Just VM me. Random pestering noobs will nag me like they normally do about EV training hahaha Sorry I shoulda said something!
    11. andrea
      If you need pokes for your VGC team, feel free to take any of the ones you need from my thread. It needs updated, but most of my things are displayed there. =)
    12. Young Jedi91
      Young Jedi91
      Juuules whassup bro? It's the idiot from the Lego competition.
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