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Last Activity:
Nov 29, 2015
Sep 27, 2010
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The Desert.


from The Desert.

Skin over circuitry and wires. Oct 11, 2015

LifeAdmiral was last seen:
Nov 29, 2015
    1. LifeAdmiral
      Skin over circuitry and wires.
    2. jumpluff
      Where did you go :(
    3. MK Ultra
    4. Flora
    5. zarator
      If you're too busy to ref, I can sub you with someone else...
    6. zarator
      Man, you know you still have to ref my battle with Lord Jesseus? It has been 6 days since me and Lord posted, could you ref us please?
    7. ginganinja
      dude you still need to update all you matches

      You are in danger of getting DQ in the multi battle
      Danger of DQ from the iiMKUltra 3vs3 Singles battle

      as well as your ref battles
    8. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      You got about 18 hours as of this vm until you get dqd against Objection. Even though you're frozen, you still have moves to make.
    9. Terrador
      Sounds good.
    10. Terrador
      I can observe IRC with this connection, but I can't speak. We'll have to do this relay style; sorry for the inconvenience.
    11. Terrador
    12. Terrador
      Would you like white for our game or black?
    13. ck49
      I could co host and help out with the mafia if you want. I haven't hosted before but I have played quite a bit and I hosted one on another site (which ended up dead because of inactivity. One whole mafia team didn't show up and I didn't have any substitutes leftover)
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    <Life> If you go against it, you will be subject to fire, brimstone and dora the explorer for the next thirty years
    <iiMKUltra> i could probably get used to dora eventually
    <iiMKUltra> for 30 years
    <Life> 30 years of dora is pretty tough
    <iiMKUltra> because who the fuck will wank over fire and brimstone for 30 years​


    The Desert.
    Real Name:
    John Dory.
    Favorite Pokémon:
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