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Sep 30, 2011
Apr 21, 2010
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Sep 30, 2011
    1. Negator
      you're still battling though
    2. Negator
      ok, I'll do you first
    3. Negator
      are you still around? I lost hope for a battle...
    4. Omnipresent
    5. Omnipresent
      OU battle lilman?
    6. ezequiel6566
      ok im on wifi now
    7. ezequiel6566
      hey you still wanna NU?
    8. Hvsiren
      gg, when i said Ou i didnt think ud use the 6 most OU lol
    9. Aichan
      i didn't disconnect - when the blue message screen comes up it's a crashdown of nintendo wifi-connection. if someone disconnects you'll be in front of the women of the nwfc. That's why i coudn't been disconnected
    10. Aichan
      gg, think you would have won, me played bad..
    11. Omnipresent
      Np bro I like people that do t dc or run, it shows heir personality as a person. As sad as that sounds, you did great.
    12. Omnipresent
      I agree on both of your claims. Misclicks happen. Take your time, if your opponent is too hasty who gives a fuck, you're making sure you don't mess up, I seriously get the misclick on swampert, but ya the non switch, maybe you just wanted to see what I would do ya know. But ya, it's good, you're doin good man. So, what do you see is weak on your team? Your fricken first pokemon, the name escapes me because oh shit that's right empoleon, that's a good first pokemon. It stopped my stealth rocks. Find your weakness, record the battles you lose, you will get better.

      I lost three times in a fuckkn row before I made this team. I was like fuck experimenting lol, so I made a team I knew would dominate.

      Kinda sucks, because I like making original teams, but I lime winning just a little bit more. But no matter what team you use, it's all about knowledge and predictions.

      My only loss is against a fuckin hailstorm team... I overestimated it.
    13. Omnipresent
      You did well. I sacrificed more that game but I did it to ensure the victory. The strategy behind scizor is to U-Turn but I never do that, I'm way more agressive than conservative.

      You're the second person to stop my azelf stealth rocks. I started wifi last month, but I been playing for since it came out. You did well. Learn all of your experiences off of losing, it's what gets you the wins.

      I'm 13-1 with this team.
    14. Omnipresent
      Lol good game bro if u noticed I had iron head, I fuckin forgot to give him bullet punch. It's bad enough my scizor had 4 less hp than I wanted, then I forget to give him bullet punch. You did well, but sending swampert in on celebi, I'm curious, why?
    15. -Saturos-
      yeah, im coming :D
    16. SparkTEHfuze
    17. SparkTEHfuze
      Online and waiting... :3
    18. SwiftStratos
      Sorry for the wait, but im on now
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