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Jul 8, 2009
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    1. Shurtugal
      is your name a deathnote reference :o
      1. lordkira
        Dec 28, 2013
    2. Ashley11
      Hello Lordkira, Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post at the Trc continuity thread.
    3. Ducttapejack
      I noticed you looking at my team. Any thoughts?
    4. ZcX
      Also do I.....
    5. ZcX
      No problem and congratulations for your 1000 post
    6. ZcX
      Thanks for the good wishes
    7. ZcX
      I wish i get them too altough i dont care a lot about them... anyway your request is ready
    8. ZcX
      Of course :) i post it next week
    9. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      *just finished the School Certificate, it was easy*

      hello! just a little bored now, probably gonna see when the Next CAP Project starts... you gonna participate?
    10. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      1. I am not allowed facebook
      2. evenif I was, School blocks it
    11. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      *yawn* hey...

      sorry if I'm a little talkative, but my main forum (pokecommunity) is blocked at school, and this isn't...

      not that it matters, but just saying "hi"
      think of it as a "boredom breaker"
      yeah, just watching my teacher have a whine about the school cert, and take it out on us by threatening bad reports... oh! she's coming...
    12. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      hey, I found someone online... what's happening?

      (got music class, but the teacher is not in the room... and we have a sub)
    13. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      yes, I'm certain I wouldn't...
    14. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      so... you live in japan?
    15. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      I have no Idea what that means...
      oh well! nice talking to you!
    16. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      then why the name "LordKira"?

      Kira is Light (the main character's) Alias. "Kira" is the character that is trying to be found
    17. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      you a Death Note Fan? same...

      also, I can guess you supported Lights Ideas, not L's...
    18. Olijolly
      hello nigga
    19. firecape
      on your question about an Arceus article or something of the sort, I can tell you to watch out for the soon to be released Smog issue ;)
    20. Adm. Empoleon
      Adm. Empoleon
      Scratch that, "L" was the awesomesacue, the rest sucked old saggy donkey balls.
    21. Adm. Empoleon
      Adm. Empoleon
      The movies suck old saggy donkey balls.
      The anime... simply, the best.
      Yeah, I'm a Death Note fan. :)
    22. Adm. Empoleon
      Adm. Empoleon
      lordkira... Death Note?
    23. Toaster
      note that if you want to search for images then click on the archive at bottom left..
    24. Toaster
      you can find it here
    25. The 1 and Only Lady Gaga
      The 1 and Only Lady Gaga
      I will be your first friend :)

      How'd you get infractions to have the "I could be banned?" I already have 1 point for double posting -_- The rules here are pretty strict.
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